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  • RE: Need feeback about subtitles and translations

    @kibblebits Alexander Zyryanov has continued to do captions on all the reviews. He just has to send me the files to upload rather than editing them directly on YouTube.

    I've also purposely limited caption submissions to scripted videos both because they're shorter and because I have the direct scripts to give to whoever's doing them and to compare afterwards. When things are more conversational, it's hard to pick up exactly what everyone's saying, people may be speaking at the same time, and the videos tend to be much longer in general. So even if someone else is doing the subtitles, it becomes a huge time-sink just to review them to make sure they're correct.

    Alexander's got the reviews down to a science, doing English and Russian subtitles, but if there's another language you can help with or if you think there are more scripted vids out there that you'd like to do subtitles for, just let me know.

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