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  • RE: Let's talk about Twitch Reruns

    Unfortunately, the Twitch reruns have to be initiated manually. That's 1:00 am for us here. So that's the best we can consistently do to accommodate European viewers.

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    @oscillator said in Easy Allies in Wikipedia:

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    @iboshow On youtube, yes it's the top video, but @Oscillator was probably also thinking of Twitch viewership as well.

    No, I was thinking of the YouTube views. Game Sleuth's views have been plummeting since the first episode, but the reaction vids have stayed steady.

    They're not plummeting. Simply comparing the current total of views isn't a very accurate way of tracking that show's traffic. The first episode had relatively the same number of views as the others until more than a year after it was posted. The YouTube algorithm then picked that episode up as well as some other episodes and views skyrocketed, resulting in more views for the follow-up episodes. Over time those views have continued to build and it has periods of similar bursts. Most recently, it gained an additional 200K+ views in just the past month, putting it over the 1 million view mark.

    It's true that the more recent episodes haven't always benefited from that traction, but I have definitely seen more comments and views on them in this latest surge. Check back on those episodes in a year or two, heh.

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