• RE: Danganrompa 1 and 2

    I'm currently on chapter 3 of V3. Bar it having a major nitpick in withholding information from the player in the first chapter, I'm enjoying it.

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  • RE: Forked Topic - (From Bethesda topic)

    Sorry guys, as mentioned in the Bethesda Faces More Ridicule topic, made a bit of a mess hoping to merge it into the general Fallout 76 topic.

    Anyway, apologies about that, hopefully if Sheria gets back, they will post it in the general topic for people to discuss.

    Locking this topic.

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  • RE: Bethesda Faces More Ridicule

    Sorry guys, after making a bit of a mess of this. I was hoping I could just merge this topic with the Fallout 76 topic.

    @Sheria Could you please post the OP there since this is about Fallout 76. Thanks.

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  • RE: Waste of time for experience media ?

    This is something I have been debating many times, as I got friend who always "just" look for new stuff to consume and very rarely look back to the old.

    First of all I have to say, something that I didnt really accept until like a year or two ago; Play what you want to play.

    I believe that going back to a game, film or book that you already gone through can be a lot of fun. You might discover new details, get a better understanding of story or just get a bunch of enjoyable hours. Its like revisiting places you've been before, you now got a emotional connection and in my opinion it can enhance the experience.

    Its nothing wrong to consume new media, but there is so much so you wont have time to catch anyway. Also, I almost feel as if its hard to appreciate something if you dont go back and maybe reflect on something instead of just go "thank you next".

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  • RE: WWE - Who is hyped!?

    With Lars Sullivan they didn't really have a choice, he apparently had a panic attack last week, then no showed RAW but also didn't tell anyone at the company and has been awol since.

    On the plus side, I'm really excited they flipped things around with Balor and Strowman, they tried to slot Strowman in the old Reigns spot and it wasn't working, so he's back to doing what he does best, tip cars over and destroy stuff. Lesnars better matches this run have all been against smaller guys anyway (Bryan, Styles, Joe).

    One other thing, looks like Kevin Owens is almost ready to return, and going off the pics he's lost a LOT of weight.

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  • RE: Cross-platform play

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  • RE: That's News!

    Some good updates to the Epic Store. This is kinda what I was expecting with some time so hopefully this continues at a steady pace.

    Epic Game Store makes changes to Regional Pricing and Refunds

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