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    @TokyoSlim I try to keep up to date with everything but I hadn't heard any update on CoJ. I think I've missed the last 1 or 2 but again, I think that more so proves my point. CoJ was never meant to be a show to update us and it isn't exactly that either. I'm not really sure how many people watch/listen to that but I just think an actual post dedicated to updates would work better. Just my personal take.

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  • RE: Nier Automata (PC/PS4)

    This was one of the games I felt like I had to play before handing in my GOTY nominations. So I got the main endings, A through E and while it didn't end up making my GOTY list, I'm very happy I got to play it. Also that just shows how good the year was.

    I'll start off with some negative stuff. This game is unforgiving at hard difficulty. I usually play on hard and I seriously struggled with the tutorial area. It was so frustrating to get to the boss and then have to redo that intro sequence again along with the rest. I ended up going normal and switching back to hard but after about 10 more hours I just got sick of the instant kills and went for normal for the rest of the game. The issue with this then was that normal was too easy. So I just wish there had been another difficulty but in the end it was no big deal.

    The beginning of playthrough C is a major slog. There are a few times where you're injured/infected/whatever and you have to go somewhere across the map. I get that it was trying to make you feel for the characters but I just felt frustrated personally.

    I think the combat itself is just fine. I'm not sure how lauded it actually is but I generally just found that it was pretty basic and a lot of the time you can barely see what is actually going on because there are so many enemies on screen. So it wouldn't be my favourite combat from a platinum game but it's fine.

    Now, more on the positive side. The soundtrack for this game is incredible. It has some ridiculously good tracks and the way they mix in to the game and the hacking is so cool. One of the last sequences of the C/D playthrough is really cool how it switches between characters, set pieces and music. So cool and overall the soundtrack is an obvious highlight.

    The story throughout is very interesting. It does a great job of keeping you interested in the bigger story but a lot of the side quests and characters are really well fleshed out. Some of the quests are essential I'd say. In particular, Pascal's village is really impactful. I was actually pretty emotional about that whole scenario and I really liked that character. Oh ya, but back onto the main story, not many games do a great job of keeping you invested in something so grand for so long but Nier really nails that. All the items of lore I was picking up were really interesting.

    Just how wacky this game is. Like it goes places with it's characters. The Adam and Eve characters that get a lot more screen time as you go on are just so ridiculous. I loved it.

    The E ending is actually really heartwarming which is weird I suppose because I wouldn't say the overall message of the game is a particular positive or happy ending. But for everyone who played through to the E ending, it is one of those things where you think that this is only possible in a video game. I think to things like Journey with how powerful the E ending is. I absolutely adored that moment so much and recommend anyone who stopped playing to keep on going because it's worth it for that.

    Lastly, I can see why Yoko Taro is a fan of housemarque. While I wouldn't say any of the hacking or side scroll shooting is the best, it was very welcome as a nice mix in the game and I just appreciate it!

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    @TokyoSlim I don't think announcing it was really the issue though. I think in general communication is pretty poor on the content they're working on. This probably isn't the place but I do wish they had a weekly/monthly update post on patreon just giving a rough idea where they are with Retros, Game Slueth's, etc. Just hearing about those things progress can be really valuable to an audience as opposed to being completely in the dark.

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  • RE: Night in the Woods (PC/PS4/XBO/Switch)

    Meant to write this a while ago (I'll probably say this a lot in a few posts) as I finished Night in the Woods a few weeks ago. It's no longer fresh in the mind and @logic__error and @DeweyDecibel already gave some excellent analysis/feedback on the game so I'll keep this relatively short.

    I really loved this game. The weird thing about it is that I really love how mundane the game is. Just coming back to your hometown, walking around the neighbourhood, interacting with people and meeting up with old friends. It's something I'm pretty used to (although to a much smaller extent) and I think the game just absolutely nails that element of life. The actual bigger storyline, I didn't really care for really, I was there for the everyday stuff, talking to the elderly lady in the underground, checking constellations, feeding my rat babies (best payoff!), those were the things that I loved.

    Having you wander around town everyday, to see whatever changes or people were around, I think that worked really well. Also I don't know what it is but any game that has a big jump after 2-3 timings, love it. Feels great.

    The soundtrack is as fantastic as I was expecting it to be. I was actually surprised how a lot of the tracks are only really used once in the game. I'd no idea about the band part of the game either so after initially being rubbish, I really got into trying to perfect those songs.

    I have to mention how great the characters are in this game. Definitely one of the best ensemble of last year, your close friends are great, the parents, neighbours.. oh man, just thinking about them makes me happy.

    So yes, great great game.

    Edit: Oh my god, and Sharkle. How could I forget Sharkle. If you didn't click on him everyday, you're a monster in my book. That is all.

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  • RE: [Official] What are you playing?

    Just played another 2 hours of Hollow Knight and guys, this game is great! I feel like I really undersold it yesterday. The vibes, sound design, soundtrack, enemy design, sense of progression, powerups... just all so good. And did I mention about the animations because they are fantastic.

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  • RE: Completed Games of 2018


    • Nier: Automata (round 1)
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  • RE: [Official] What are you playing?

    Haven't posted in a while and I've managed to finish a few games that I wanted to before handing in my GOTY votes. That said, still playing a few others.

    Persona 5
    I'll probably use the topic more to talk about Persona 5 but I've put 12 or so hours into the game so far. I finished up just after completing the first dungeon so I've yet to properly see the effects of that decision. I've been loving the game so far, no surprise that the look and music is just incredible. I love digging into any cutscenes, I absolutely adore the victory music and the music for the final push in the palace. Incredible! I've found most of the side characters to be awful in the best possible way so far. They're all mean bar one who I think is nice for very obvious reasons after an in game day or two.

    Now I'm looking forward to getting back to it since I've finished off some other chunky games

    Hollow Knight
    Another one that I wanted to play some, I've only played 2 hours of it so far and been in maybe 3 areas and it's everything I'd want from that kind of game so far. The animations in the game are really impressive. There has already been a nice mix of enviroments, the general tone is really great. I've really liked all the npc characters you meet and so far the enemy design has been really cool. It is a lot more forgiving than I thought it'd be from what people had said. I heard the usual souls combined with other genre comments but you're given a decent chunk of health and are able to get back health pretty easily.

    So another game I'm looking forward to getting some more time in to.

    Majora's Mask
    Just an update on this. I've beaten the first two dungeons and put it down again. I was and am having a great time. I just think I've come to really admire what they went for as opposed to loving it. As an example, I was rushing through the second dungeon area and afterwards I still had some time to do a race etc so I did and won it. This gives me a certain prize but of course I've no time to really use it for it's purpose so I thought fine, surely the area will be cleared anyway. Of course after resetting time, the area was back to it's old self. So you'd have to go back and clear the dungeon again. I just found that a bit frustrating really as there is no way you're going to complete that side mission in the time needed without having to redo it. So after that, I just put down the game and have taken a break from it. Still really like it and I will finish it, I just had enough for that time.

    Not much to say here but I've been going for competitive play a lot more with the new PC and with the Overwatch League starting. Hoping to push on up at least a rank to Diamond but we'll see how it goes. Either way, still having a blast with this game.

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  • RE: Final Fantasy XIV (PC/PS4)

    @breadsaucebandit Im actually on Diabolos, but I created a character on Ultros to play with more EZA EU people though!

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  • RE: Final Fantasy XIV (PC/PS4)

    @breadsaucebandit I've recently started FF 14! I played the beta and loved it. However the release was at the same time I moved abroad so kinda missed it.

    I am based in UK and playing on US servers with really rubbish internet, yet I dont really feel like there are any issues with lag or so. I get the very occasionaly spike on like 2 seconds, but its not very often and its often due to my own connection rather than the server.

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  • RE: Multiplayer Shelf Life

    I generally find that I've got one multiplayer game on the go. Right now that game is Overwatch. I just absolutely adore it.

    Now a lot of that is due to playing with friends but even lately, now that I've a proper gaming PC, I've played a lot more by myself and comp as I just want to really improve at it now.

    I think the shelf life really comes down to the people you play with. I put in a ridiculous amount of hours into Battlefield 3 with a bunch of friends and as that group got smaller, so did our interest in the following BF games.

    Right now I've been debating about getting into another MP game as I do mostly prefer single player games. So I've been tossing it up between Monster Hunter World and Sea of Thieves in terms of which is more likely to appeal. Right now I reckon it'll be the latter as Overwatch already is that more competitive multiplayer game. World looks like something which would require the same attention and seems like a bit of a grind. I'm kinda hoping Sea of Thieves is just a lot of messing around. I've played about 30 minutes of it and loved it, so hopefully that can translate to the full game.

    Anyway... what's a Klondike bar?

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