This is going to be a quick round up of places I stayed in between going to Iguazu and making my way to Atacama. I spent very little time in the following. Mendoza Had to stay here as there were no available nightbuses to Cordoba. Practically did nothing here and the hostel I stayed in didn’t have Wifi so I couldn’t get anything done either. I’ve heard from a lot of people that the wine tours are pretty good. Cordoba This place was a little too big for me. Only stayed for roughly day or so. Just from the short time I was there, it felt like a very standard city. Which is why when I came back I just went straight to the bus station and got an overnight bus to Salta. Salta Spent two days here, mostly due to bus times again. I was able to get a bus to San Pedro de Atacama on the tuesday morning. There are plenty of tours to do here that go south and actually look really cool but since I was moving on to Atacama and I only had so much peso left, I didn’t want to use it up on guided tours. The city itself was really nice I though, has a cool central plaza area. Of the three places I’d recommend here as it’s a good base to make your way to Chile or Bolivia and as I mentioned it does have a lot of tours, water rafting and horse trekking. Also, that's the end of Argentina for me. In Atacama now and next stop will be Bolivia as I continue my way up north.