Oh man, the Discovery Mode is absolutely awesome again! There'll be so many new hours to the game now, all of them educational (even more so than the main game). The first tour was on Akropolis as a sort of tutorial, took about half an hour to finish. Now I know for instance that people worshipped Athene all the way to year 590 which means practically a millennium! There are 30 tours like stated before, but wait! There's more! The world is also full of Discovery Sites which offer additional information about many, many more buildings, places, myths, people etc. They are violet ones and the map has SOOOO MANY of them. Discovery Sites are always in text form unlike the tours that have narration. The tours do have, however, also a Learn More option with the same kind of information text. And they all have archeological photos in addition and stuff like that. When you complete tours and Discovery Sites you unlock little by little new avatars you can freely use. For example I unlocked Pythagoras after the first tour. You also unlock new horses in same manner (quite special ones, too). And as a new thing there's now a first person mode. That was a surpise. I really love the peace the Discovery Mode offers to the world. Everything's much calmer and things seem somehow prettier, perhaps because the UI is much more minimal in this mode. You can just relax and walk around and every now and then decide to learn more about, say, ancient Greece's theater.