Finally finished the game. Glad I don't have to score games for a living because I really wouldn't know how to score it. It makes me go from "this isn't very good" to "this is one of the best things I've played" in a matter of minutes. I like the world, but overall hate the level design. Combat is among the best ever, but at times the camera is terrible. Some charming side missions, most just mundane, a bunch nauseating. I like that the game does more than just combat but I feel they should have brought someone in more experienced with this kind of designs. Or at least spent more time with it. I enjoyed it, would probably score it bellow Devil May Cry 5 but at the same time it would take this game over DMC5 every time. Ye, it's complicated. I wonder how much of Scalebound is in Astral Chain. As we were supposed to control the dragons in a similar fashion and the game had RPG elements too.