@jamicov Just got started messing with Kate and her story missions. So far I've really been enjoying it. My hope is that these new characters/story pieces start to bring more people into the fold, at least enough to where Square doesn't pull the plug on this game too early. So far we just know Hawkeye is next and Spider Man is coming at some point. All the rumors of Black Panther are also so strong I do believe he's coming after Clint. If those characters are as much fun as the rest of the cast and the story stuff brings in more variety the game could be in pretty good shape come mid next year. I really just want that rumored roster of like 20+ more characters to become reality, this game has a ton of protentional as well as a lot of issues but the financial news from a few weeks ago was extremely troubling. I still have hope this game can be turned around, but what can I say, I'm a true believer ; )