Been playing the game now for some good hours. This was a Plus game on PS4 during summer but only now I found the right moment to start with it. And it's been really good! I very much like the atmosphere in this and the emotions the game brings up very succesfully time after another. A really big role in all this have the (main) characters. The trio has me intrigued and on board big time. Wonderfully done. The characters work on two levels, kind of, meaning as very interesting game characters, but also as the androids they are in-game, getting closer to life all on their own ways. My Connor tries to form a bond with Hank (great duo) and is just generally interesting to watch and listen to. I really like his voice. Kara has her motherly instincts kicking in and she's a very strong character, easy to appreciate her protective nature. Markus went through a personal hell and has arrived in Jericho now. All of their paths seem suitably different and interesting. The flowcharts are neat to witness after every chapter.