Day Twenty-Two Traditional Ale Big Rock Brewery | Calgary, Alberta English Brown Ale | 5% ABV This is an old standby. Here in the prairies we simply call it Trad. After a couple of really nice treats these last couple days I'm quite happy to have a simple night in with an old favourite! Pours a clear reddish brown with just a sliver of head. Small amounts of lacing. Perfectly standard. A pretty light smelling beer. There are some bready malt aromas followed by toffee. Slight earthiness. Quite pleasant, if underwhelming. Trad is pretty sweet, and of a moderate intensity. Toffee and nuttiness make up the majority of the flavour. This is backed by some nice spicy hop flavour and hints of citrus. It's very tasty, but I feel there could be a little more spice to balance things out. It has a medium-light body, enough carbonation to excite, but not distract my tongue, and feels quite slick going down. A little bit of warming in the back of my mouth. Very nice. Trad is pretty great. It's my standard for a reason. It's nutty, relatively low carbonation, and light enough that I can drink quite a few at a time. I don't think it's a spectacular beer, but it suites my tastes beautiful. I'll admit it is a little boring, but I think everyone needs a nice boring beer to keep them grounded (and to keep a little bit of money in my wallet). New Castle may get a little more love from me from now on, but Trad will be a part of my life for the foreseeable future! 3.5/5