This is such a genius / hilarious thread, beating Ben over the head with anime suggestions. I'll spice things up with two flavors of ramen: Miso: Savory Classic Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion It's got romance. It's got tragedy. It's got mechs, cartoonish villains talking in eerily-lit corridors, and supernatural powers; tragic pasts, terrorism, and political intrigue; and Japanese high school students, apropos-of-nothing fanservice, and giant futuristic mecha. This is the best anime I've even seen. It has a downright gratuitous amount of animation without looking dated (the mechs are animated in 2D too). More than that though, it's got a fabulous plot with characters who actually talk to each other while they're not heavily involved in the storyline. Basically every character is well developed with a satisfying arc that resolves their character within the 50 episodes. Not to mention Johnny Yong Bosch, who absolutely steals the show as Lelouch (this is one to watch dubbed—it's very very good). Udon: Hipster Zest Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit is a anime that everyone should have watched, but basically no one has watched. It's anachronistic: The setting is feudal Japanese fantasy, but the music reminds me of a 80s Spielberg movie. The animation is beautiful, of course, with gleaming sword fights and peaceful mountain hikes alike. It's 26 episodes, It's on Netflix: there is no excuse.