I think there's something a bit smarter going on here. First of all, it's doing something different with the nature of a demo (who the fuck updates a demo in the first place?!). It's drip feeding us piece by piece, slowly peeling back the veil and giving us information as to how it will play out. It's obvious there will be another part due to the new areas, doors and items. I love the subtle hints and cryptic elements of narrative we're starting to get, for example the hint toward's Umbrella's involvement. If anything I'm actually more excited after the second update as it's adding more to the mystery and there seems to be a level of control. It feels more like they know what they're doing this time around. I'm glad they've changed Resident Evil up and that we're getting more of a horror vibe this time. Even though there are different elements, some of the sound design and small details actually feel very Resi to me. And I can't help but feel some vibe of the Resident Evil 4 beta with the possible appearance of ghosts. I haven't been excited about Resident Evil for quite some time. Consider me hyped!