Copacabana Continuing on, we were here for about 1pm. This post shouldn’t be too long as honestly, we did very little. The columbian girl had a fall the previous day too and hurt her foot so she wasn’t up for much walking really and out of absolutely nowhere, torrential rain came down for about an hour and then the sun came out again. So the first day we just spent resting really and booked a trip to the Sun Island for the following day. We did wander around the place a bit. It’s very small, made for tourists to check out Lake Titicaca. We started the day off with breakfast at the top rated place in Copacabana which happened to be an irish place and was honestly the best breakfast I’d had in a few weeks. Poached eggs and soda bread… more of that please! The guy running it was lovely too, give us some great tips. We made our way to the dock (Boat was 35 Bolivianos) and got the boat to the north side of Sun Island. I think it took about two hours to get here and you’ll have to pay 15 bolivianos to walk to the ruins. So basically you have to pay. To add to that you have to pay a further 15 bolivianos to walk through the centre of the island and another 5 when you get to the south part. So ya, they really over do it. We only checked out the north side as that was enough walking really and the place actually is spectacular. Really beautiful views of the Lake and loads of tiny islands surrounding it and a beautiful snowy mountain in the distance in another part of Bolivia. It was just a really nice place to relax as it was so peaceful here. We got the boat again at 1:30 which stops at the south part (so ya, we spent that 5 bolivianos… ridiculous) and honestly we didn’t have time to do much here so just walked around the close vicinity and back to the boat for 3:30m, back to Copacabana for about 5 and got the bus to Cusco at 6. Make sure to eat or bring food for that as you won’t get any on the bus. Forgot to mention we stayed in Hostel Luz Yhobimar, it was one of the highest rated in the area and a private twin/double room with shared bathroom was only $10 so it was well worth it. No breakfast though (hence the irish place) and the wifi is pretty damn slow but for a private room, very happy with it. So that ends my short time in Bolivia. I probably should have went to Potosi or Sucre at least but I have to admit I’m really looking forward to going to Cusco in Peru. It might be the highlight of my trip.