San Pedro de Atacama So this was my final stop in Chile. I made my way here from Salta in Argentina. The bus journey over was bloody long and I have to be honest, I felt the altitude a bit when I got out and starting walking. I got a bit of pins and needles but I was okay after a while. I didn’t arrive until 6pm on the first day so I made my way to the hostel (La Ruca, was fine, would recommend), settled in and made my way to the main tourist street which had all the agencies for the tours around the Atacama desert. I booked all my tours with Desert Adventure and got a small discount by doing so. I did the Moon Valley, Altiplanic lagoons and the geyser tour. All together they cost 82000 peso but they gave it to me for 65000 so I’ll take it. This doesn’t include entrance fees. The other thing to know about this area is a lot of the tours are early. You’ll be getting up at 6am for the lagoons and 4am for the geyser tour. There is a bunch of other stuff to do here too like Astrology (which I booked later on but had to cancel as it was too cloudy), sandboarding and other sightseeing tours. I really enjoyed all the tours. Funnily enough I had the same tour guide for every tour! He was pretty knowledgeable. First tour was Moon Valley which is a half day and pretty close by. I won’t waste my time explaining it as I’ll probably make it sound very boring but it’s really cool to see the different types of landscapes around the desert. Sand Dunes, mountains, Volcanos and you finish off the tour with the sunset which is awesome as the colour of the mountains around you change from red to purple to blue. It’s really beautiful. The second day, I went out to the Altiplanic Lagoons. This is a full day and you hit an altitude of 4200m so it’s best to climates a bit first. It was another really good day too. You’ll learn a lot about the area. I’d no idea a part of the inca trail was in Atacama! It’s also nice as you get to see a lot of wildlife in some really cool areas. Llama’s, flamingoes, various other birds, foxes etc. It’s really nice. Spending time outside having breakfast and going to a traditional chilean restaurant for food is all part of the experience. Final day, I had to get up at 4am for the geysers. It’s absolutely freezing out there, we’re talking -8 to -10 degrees so cover up! Again, it great to spend the morning out by the geysers having breakfast. Sure it’s freezing, but it adds to it.The guide will eventually walk the group around to a bunch of them and give information on them. Afterwards you’re given about forty minutes to explore yourself. Here is where you’re able to go into the thermal baths. Now they say they are 33-35 degrees but honestly there is no way they are that hot but every so often you will feel a burst of heat. I say go for it and brave the outside cold anyway, at least thats what I did. Afterwards we went to this tiny village where they sold goats cheese empanadas and llama skewers. The latter was particularly good. And that pretty much sums up my time in San Pedro. The place is extremely touristy which isn’t a major surprise and there are things to check out around the city but I didn’t. Also there is a pretty good pizza place right by Miteca Atacama which is where I booked my trip to the Salt Flats in Bolivia. So that was all my time in Chile. I really loved it here, in particular (and similar to Argentina), the Patagonia region. If anyone has questions, just fire away and I’ll answer as best as I can.