That's everywhere I was in Colombia. Just a small bit on some things I tried. I'm after realising I didn't really try a huge amount of Colombian food but I think that's just because a lot of it is very similar to what I already had in other places in South America. Empanadas, some form of meat with rice and beans, cerviche (I do still love cerviche). In fairness, some of the empanadas were pretty damn good and the other thing I had were arepas which is basically a lot of dough with cheese, or at least that's what I was getting and they were pretty good with all the sauces they usually have to choose from. In Taganga I did get this really nice limonada de coco which was just super refreshing. Four and a half months later and I've finished with my travels in South America. Next stop is Panama in Central America. For Panama and Costa Rica you do need proof of onward travel. I did this by just using the site flyonwards, renting the ticket for the day of my flight and bringing the reservation and booking code so they can verify you're on this flight. Then once that rental is over, flyonwards will void the ticket so make sure it's not void when you grab your flight. It costs 10 dollars for 24 hours. Anyway, thanks for reading the blog. I know it's pretty awful but it's a useful thing for me to have at least. Please be excited for Central America. :D