Signing onto PSN tonight to claim the PS5 version of Control. Definitely had a lot of problems with the launch version of this game on PS4 Pro: unforgivable bugs, screen tear, washed out graphics, choppy frame rate, no HDR. Again, not to sound like a broken record, but Control wasn't Cyberpunk bad, but the console version at launch should've dropped like 2 review points because it was so glitchy. I liked the game but that unfinished version of the game probably tainted my perspective. I want to give it it's fair shake and it looks like the PS5 version is on par with the RTX 20 and 30 series PC versions. Not the first time unideal circumstances tainted my perspective of a game too. Played God of War 2018 in two sittings: 14 hours, then 3 hours. That game was a blur and I barely remember anything and I don't recall liking it too too much. Both games need their fair shake again on PS5 (when I get one knocks on wood T O D A Y)! Youtube Video – [00:19..]