I finally got around to finishing the main missions! It's been quite a ride, really loved this game. Some thoughts about the whole game. and a score: I like that they made the last big shootout in the main missions quite easy, it's just blasting level 30 folks with the power boost the Board gave you. It feels great for me since the game hasn't been on the easy side for most of the time. The ending does feel flat, but I'm not really disappointed by that. I still can't get over the lore stuff in this game. It's so interesting and well written overall, it feels great to read new documents, listen to the Bureau recordings, and watch some really weird stuff (like that Threshold Kids thing). It made exploring the Oldest House even more exciting, as if it needs that boost. I feel like the whole game hinges on the dynamic between the Oldest House's structure and things in it, and it's a pretty strong hinge. I think Dr. Darling might be my favorite video game character from this year. His presentations are really entertaining, I just smile everytime I came across a new presentation. Props to the actor, he's done a great job showing his charisma, passion, and ultimately, his progressive downfall. Shoutout to the Grip and Shatter combo, nothing else beats it for me. So effective and satisfying. Well, maybe Launch kinda beats it. I still don't think that the aiming controls really feels as good as it could have been. It doesn't feel snappy, quick, and accurate enough, and in a game like this, where the combat is pretty much about dodging around and not staying in one place, it hurts the whole thing a bit. Still loved the combat though. I do wish it was slightly easier. I also feel that the random enemy spawns during regular exploration of the Oldest House got a bit tiresome, and I just ended up skipping more and more the game goes on. Thankfully the main missions got some cool scenarios/shootouts. The Astral Maze shootout is pretty dope. The music that was playing the whole way through really sells it for me. 8.5/10