I've been streaming the game every monday for about 6 months now I think with 3 other EZA guys. It has been an absolute blast. We just made it to Act 3 last week. It's just insanely cool how much choice is given to the players and also specific players where the choice is really down to them. I think it's also a game that you can get totally different experiences of depending on if you're playing solo or in a group. I can see a solo player being a lot more invested in the overall story while in a group, keeping everyone up to date on the latest story elements can be a little difficult but you can have a great laugh in the moment to moment stuff. It's honestly a bit difficult to properly discuss as it feels like there is so much to talk about with it. Edit: Oh, and this is still one of my favourite moments :D tok9 twitch - Divinity 2 - Not Like This