The Amazon - Cuyabeno River - Dolphin Lodge So I went for four days and three nights and it cost $260. This didn't include the transport from Quito to Nueva Loja which is roughly a 7 hour bus journey and it ain't a particularly nice one whether you go with a private bus or public bus. I went public as it was cheaper and I thought I'd have a better chance of sleeping on it but the bus was insanely hot and ya... I don't usually do that well on nightbuses anyway. After that, just get a taxi to the meeting spot and wait there for the rest of the transport. So due to that I was seriously struggling on the first day of the tour as I was absolutely shattered. So every so often I kind of struggled to stay awake as we made our way on the boat to the lodges. Still, we did get to see some cool wildlife. Birds, monkeys, snakes and turtles. So I was already loving it but when we did get to the hostel and ate something, we were given the opportunity to rest before going to the lagoon that evening to watch the sunset and spot pink dolphins possibly. Unfortunately for me I was hard out. I fell asleep and there was no waking me so I missed all of that on the first day. The good news is we got to go out two more times so it wasn't a big deal! So really the second day was the proper start of the tour. There was four of us in total so it was a pretty small group and our guide didn't have the best english but we didn't mind that too much as it gave us an excuse to improve our Spanish a small bit. First thing we did on the second day was get a boat out to do a day hiking trip. So this can be a totally mixed experience really as it all depends on what you see. So we were a bit unlucky that we didn't see much wildlife. Lots of insects, some frogs and a squirrel but it was still cool. Ate some ants that tasted like lemon, swung on roots like Tarzan, and had to traverse through swamps so it was still really cool. But it was the second part of the day that was unforgettable for me. We went back to the lagoon to watch the sunset again which was amazing. The lagoon was so warm and nice to swim in. You could see the sunset on one side and the moon on the other, lightning in the distance. It was all just really beautiful. So we were out there for about an hour just swimming around the place. Then we got back on the boat, dried ourselves off and went searching for kaimen in the night. Spotting the kaimen in itself was a fun challenge but it was those times that you got up close that you were able to see them hunting or just staying perfectly still. It was just such a cool experience. The whole of the third day was spent with a community in the Amazon and we joined up with another group of people who arrived the previous day so there was 16 of us now. Again we still got to see cool things just making our way over. More of the same along with sloths, an anaconda, lizards, tarantulas, a toucan. At the community, we got to pull out yuca plants, grate them and make bread out of them. Then we got ourselves a nice history lesson before the shaman appeared to talk to us and do some rituals. He did some healing and spiritual ones. I was picked out for having low spiritual energy, I'm not sure if he fixed that or just verified it! :) Either way it was fun to watch and understand the lives of these people. That night we went on a night trek where we got to see some more dangerous creatures up close. Mostly spiders and snakes but it's amazing how close you'll get to them. One annoying thing about that (which goes for everything here really but in particular there), loads of mosquitos. Make sure you're covered up and have repellent as you're going to need it for sure. The final day we got up very early to do some bird and monkey watching so we got to see a lot more activity at a different time which was cool. After that we had our breakfast and back on our way to civilisation. It's been a while since then so I'm probably missing out on some details but I do want to emphasise how amazing the experience was I just loved it, loved being surrounded by all the greenery and noises that come with that. So highly recommending it to everyone!