For Honor is in a kind of a hard place in sense that it's not the easiest game to learn to be enjoyable for the more casual player but on the other hand it's not really that good high level fighting game. Lot of the heroes are not viable at higher levels and those that are usually are because of one or two moves. This leads to lot of boring matches with the usual suspects while the game has been out just couple weeks. Game has terrible UI, lot of balancing problems in game play and the faction war feels like an after tough. Core of the game is pretty fun though it just needs better stuff around it. I enjoy playing it in the middle levels where stuff like unlocking then locking back between hits to make longer combos isn't a thing. At least not yet. Ubi needs to keep pumping out new modes, heroes and gear in fast and steady rhythm to keep players interested. I guess this became a late mini review. 7.8/10