@kevboard The only issue would be release , unless it's like the first Switch game on something bigger then a 16 or 32gb card. Also would said cart only have the main numbered games with ODST and Reach coming as DLC. Like as cool as Halo on Switch sounds there are some questions about it, I mean hell would MS ship it off to that studio that handled the Switch ports of Doom and Wolfenstein, would it be someone else, in house. Not to mention we are talking about one of Microsoft's big marquee titles, I mean Cuphead and Ori are one thing being smaller indie games, Minecraft had already become a juggernaut before Microsoft bought it. Like it's kinda hard to fathom if it actually happens. Then there's the question of "does Microsoft get anything in exchange? " like are we (hypothetically) gonna see Mario in a proper Banjo & Kazooie sequel or something, or a major Nintendo ip getting a Xbox port?