@brawlman said in God of War (PS4): @ezekiel said in God of War (PS4): @brawlman said in God of War (PS4): @ezekiel Yes, I manned up. I don't know what you lolin' about. If there is something I hugely dislike, I won't constantly bring it up on a forum where people enjoy the thing. Nor acting as a spoiled brat for a toy he can't have. I have nothing else to say, but if you want to be miserable, do it somewhere else, cuz you ain't winning any sympathy from people on this topic. I'm lol'ing because you implied admitting the game is good means manning up. I don't know about you, but I find criticism fun, when something is actually deserving of it. It can be constructive and there are careers built on it. I also find it therapeutic in a way, when it's for something I used to like. No, I'm not gonna shut up just because my opinion doesn't jive with the majority. I don't tell you to shut up for gushing over this. I hate echochamber forums. You might want to take a second look at original response to you. The manning up part was me giving the game a chance, not anything about me implying and admitting the game is good. Criticism can be fun, but don't be a jerk about it. I can tell from your responses that you are not even close to having fun right now. Yeah, giving the game a chance. I didn't re-read the post. Manning up is just a weird choice of words. Like I said, I gave the game a chance. It's lame. I say this with sincerity, have a blessed day and be good to others and yourself. This is also weird. I haven't disrespected anyone.