@e_zed_eh_intern Yea I actually did start the game on Professional mode which I think plays a lot better and deals with some of my concerns. I think I’m not explaining myself well enough. I guess I also mean that the assassinations themselves are relatively scripted scenarios. In Bloodmoney I found a lot of my kills were catching the target off guard. In 2016, a lot of the kills are more like events. Dress up as a yoga instructor, find the target, do yoga, push off a cliff. I prefer how in Bloodmoney I can just shoot out the glass hot tub and somebody falls to their death. Or how I can rig a barbecue to explode. It doesn’t feel like a big event, ya know? All that said, I have yet to play Hitman 2. Things could have scaled up, scaled down, and outright changed. And yeah... saves in Hitman was a no go for me back in the day, but I save scum’d the shit outta this one. I don’t care if it’s cheesy, it helped me get through this behemoth levels.