Been playing Legion quite a lot lately and it's rather dry and tepid. Plaudits should be given where they should as Ubisoft have done a really good job of making the world thriving through its connectedness, making Legion in true Ubisoft fashion-a massive and socially-connected juggernaut where London is the ultimate hackable city. Unfortunately in most respects it's threadbare and chore-like, which favours the Deadsec team aesthetic over the individuality of the team members and their traits. Granted the unique skills and occupations are cool to see and experience at first, but they run together the more members you add to Deadsec, meaning the pool of abilities are shallower than you might think. Missions of course include hacking into this and that, using drones and a spiderbot to access otherwise unreachable areas. Diving a drone deep into cybernetic circuitry is rather awesome, the same with the techy platforming where you navigate and leap using your gadgets-but all this becomes routine all too quickly and repetition sets in to make Legion predictable and unexciting. Legion's sense of humour is try-hard, trying to be like a technology-infused Saints Row albeit not funny and lacking in substance. When your chummy Deadsec audio companion says it's be awesome to see you drink and play darts-there is no hilarity that ensues, you just drink the beer, play the darts and that's it-now in a humorous alternative maybe your characters would be slobbering around the pub, throwing up on people's shoes and being an utter drunkard lunatic-but nothing in Legion goes the extra mile to be memorable or funny-you are just an obedient Deadsec employee doing predictable hack jobs Not that there are bright spots along the way, but more focus and variety would've served Legion very well, but the end result is simultaneously open and restrictive.