@axel said: They added pretty much everything people were asking for Gonna have to push back on that. People have been wanting a new full theme since launch, new playable characters or at least special powerups like the Link one to rival all the Costume Mario in 1, less restrictions between the modes, and stuff like that stone from the campaign to use in levels we make. Honestly, it is really disappointing that this is the last major update for this game when it is only the third update. It feels like they gave up on the game when it didn't become the phenomenon 1 was. As great as some of the stuff in this update is, trust me I'm hype for Froggy Suit and some of those 3D World objects I never expected to see again, I don't know if it'll breathe enough life into the game longterm when everyone outside the hardcore Super Mario Maker community has pretty much already moved on. The only thing I can see taking off big is the World Maker. I hope if the game does become a big deal again due to it, the devs recognize that and pull a Splatoon 2 where even though they said they were done with major updates, they alter course and come back for more. Really just feels like resources being shifted at Nintendo to other projects that are getting more attention, like Animal Crossing, and I'm not the biggest fan of that trend. ARMS kind of got abandoned too due to disinterest, but seems like they finally are bringing plans back around for that to finally implement all the cut planned content from 1. Least this game got supported more than Super Mario Party I suppose. Anyways, if Super Mario Maker 3 ever happens, I hope it isn't managed in the way that this game was. End of the day, Super Mario Maker 2 still feels like a sidegrade from 1 rather than a full sequel. There shouldn't be things I prefer about the previous entry in this type of game, so if they do make a 3, I hope they take a long look at all the successes of the original and failures of 2 as well as the way each was supported affected the life around the game. These games have the power to be massive and magical, and 2 simply didn't live up to what it should've been with moving such a dream concept from basically dead hardware to extremely popular hardware.