Leon I was dropped off at Hostal las Vacaciones, where I was staying. Really nice hostel. Nice beds, decent fans, they make a solid breakfast. My only issue is the wifi was all over the place. Sometimes good and sometimes non existent which is really annoying when no one mentions that in reviews (Someone make an accommodation site solely based on wifi for me). Leon similar to Granada, is a colonial town so it's a great place for a photo opportunities. The central areas can get chaotic with traffic and people but that just adds to the vibe of the place. You'll find plenty of locals and tourists roaming around the place. I checked the Revolution museum and went up to the top of the cathedral. It's handy as both of these things are right next to eachother. The museum was cool but the guided tour wasn't great just because it was in Spanish only, so it was pretty hard to follow but I got bits of it. A few people did recommend to go to the museum about myths and legends. I didn't in the end but something to think about if you visit. The main reason I came here though was to go volcano boarding. At my hostel I was able to book it for $21. I was picked up at 8am. The trip felt like 45 minutes to the entrance where you pay a $5 entry fee. From here, we got a bag with some water, googles, overalls and gloves. I highly recommend you bring a bandana, I just forgot. In total, making your way to the top of Cerro Negro probably takes an hour as you take some breaks waiting for others and go to other areas at the top before you actually board down. On the day I went up, the wind was insane. It was so strong that I had to stop in places, otherwise I'd probably have lost the board or at least fallen a few meters in whatever direction the wind took me. Seriously it was strong. The board you get it a bit strange, it's probably the size of a snowboard but wider and has 3 pieces of wood going horizontal, you sit on the last one and grab the steering wheel, which is a rope. To go faster you just lean back and to go slower you sit forward. Only other thing is you keep your legs to the side, that's what keeps you steady, if you put your feet on the board you'll probably just fall off. I was a little worried initially when I saw people go down as they were going really slow I thought. Fortunately it was just them. I made it a mission to at least go down as fast as I could and I don't know how fast that was but I was easily the fastest according to everyone else since I went last. I just leaned back and tried to keep straight basically. You have ash and tiny rocks flying at your face (where the bandana comes in handy). It was a load of fun and you look like a person who's spent a week in a coal mine after it. Believe me, the following shower was a long one with the amount of things stuck in my hair! And with that I loved it and definitely suggest anyone to do volcano boarding. Even if you're worried about it, you can just take it slowly. And now I just have to wait for my bus to Honduras (La Cieba specifically) which leaves at two in the morning. I've really enjoyed my time in Nicaragua but I just feel like I didn't have the best time because of being a little sick. There are a load of other nice places to go to for relaxing and surfing and everyone mentions the Corn Islands but I just don't have the time or right mentality for that right now. Maybe it's a sign of travel fatigue kicking in but I genuinely thinks it's more so being a bit sick. Hopefully I recover soon as the main reason I'm going to La Ceiba is to dive!