@dipset Apparently WB's plan is games staring or featuring past Bonds, to fill gaps between film releases. Wont know for sure as Sony's final film comes out next summer, and probably wont hear an announcement on who gets the rights till some time after said film. Also apparently the Broccoli's are keen on Disney, but only on the condition that Kevin Feigh steps in to help produce. They've seen the success of the MCU (who hasn't) and want him to work his magic on Bond (which if other rumors are true, he'll have Marvel, Star Wars, and Bond under his control) Oddly though I want to say last year Pierce Brosnan said something about wanting to return to the role in some way. Which I wont complain about a Bond game staring Brosnan. As for WB they've apparently pitched a more "back to basics " bond as far as potential films are concerned, think less serious Craig era films, and will be another reboot (yes the Craig films are a reboot) and Felix might possibly get his own spinoff film (a first for the franchise)