Cyberpunk 2077 Please click the links. Preview quality is bullshit unless it's on the site: T-Bug is DUMMY THICC -- Unfortunately, the Photo Mode in CP77 could be better. The in-game screenshot via Photo Mode is really low quality. So, ideally, you'd use Nvidia Shadowplay. BUT, you can't hide UI and cursor in the in-game Photo Mode so it'll appear when you screenshot in Shadowplay. It doesn't help that the Photo Mode is broken in 21:9 aspect ratio so you can't even move your mouse on certain areas of the screen. Really weird bug that they should fix. Kinda annoying but I found a janky workaround. When you press the space bar for a screenshot in the in-game photo mode, it'll hide UI and cursor briefly for 2 sec. During that 2 second window, you can press Alt+F2 to bring up Shadowplay, then quickly mouse over to 'Snap' to hopefully get a clean screenshot in before the time is up and the UI + cursor appears again.