@bard91 I completely understand and agree. Some form of combat is used in a lot of games where it doesn't always seem needed. I just think the bigger issue is if you don't have combat what can you put in a game to make it more engaging for the player? Like I mentioned before, it seems like stealth is another game type that gets added to add more to the over all game. I would like more devs to try and think outside of the box to add different mechanics outside of 'kill thing' or 'hide from thing'. In a game like this maybe instead of killing the creatures you have to study them, do research on them and figure out some idea/item that like repel them. I think this is easier said then done but I would also like more natural responses to these type of situations. In some games having combat kinda breaks the narrative, Uncharted comes to mind and is referenced often. The story is more upbeat then one would think given your character is almost always in life or death situations where they have also killed 100s of people.