Octo Expansion has been out for a couple days now. Just finished 100%ing it. Gr8 experience overall. Obviously don't want to say too much since it is still close to release, but I'll say I definitely think it is worth the $20 asking price. Just keep in mind these challenge rooms are quite literally challenging. They cranked the difficulty way up for this. You will struggle and fail as you learn rooms, so if that kind of thing frustrates you and you're looking for a more chill experience, this isn't the expansion for you. The struggle is real, but the atmosphere is tops with all the new music and sound design they made just for this, more new tracks in particular than I expected. The new characters are pretty fun. There's some lore to be had, which localization must've really struggled to translate, but felt like they did a good job. Especially great job with all the 80s references in room names. There's also some rewards from it you can take back to multiplayer with your new Octoling, including something for 100% if you're up to the task. Personally, 100%ing felt worth pushing through for, just don't be like me and play for long chunks at once. My arm was cramped up and going numb by the time I finished.