@Whoaness Just talk to the NPCs if you don't know what to do. Wiki is 100% not required. Saying it's not a real game because it isn't linear like Starbound is so backwards. You get some of those ores as drops from enemies, and the rest you mine in small spread out pockets. You're not constantly just mining unless you choose to. You follow random pregenerated caves full of enemies, hazards, traps, and treasure. Starting with a pickaxe is just to help you get going. It's not hours and hours of ore grind like Starbound when you're digging for no reason other than to make the next tier of armor. I don't know about that alternative ore vendor, so maybe that helps, but every single time I've played it's turned into a massive cycle of grinding for ore that takes hours upon hours. I imagine that vendor is probably so expensive that it's still faster to mine for hours. The rare chests in Starbound will contain maybe 2-5 pieces of ore when you need like 80 if not more. We're just going back and forth now. Might as well let the people decide. Only reason I've even spoke out against Starbound from the start is that it was such a disappointment, both at launch and years later. Terraria wasn't great in it's early day, but it's become a fine game in the time since. I wish I could say that about Starbound, but the devs actually have no idea what they're doing.