@tokeeffe9 said: This game has the best Princess Peach I can remember Ignoring spinoffs, I'd agree if you got to do postgame as Peach, but since she's still a damsel in this game I gotta give the nod to 3D World where she's one of the main heroes. Also, I know Peach was kidnapped in the first place and all, but she sure shows Mario zero respect for going on his adventure to save her at the end. Not saying oh of course she owes him a kiss, ew of course not, but I like other games where she bakes him a cake or something as a friendly thank you for risking his life out there for her. Peach aside, I feel so done with this game. Was fun for your first 100% playthrough, but there's just too many bloat Moons in this game that didn't need to exist for me to ever feel like I wanna go back years from now and replay this game again, not to mention a large portion of it being easy. Got my money's worth and enjoyed my time with it, but I just don't see myself holding this game alongside the other 3D Mario greats in the long term. I'm sure right now that's a very unpopular opinion to state, and some people even think this game should be GOTY, but in time I think you'll see public opinion of this game shift as the honeymoon wears off.