@capnbobamous @tokeeffe9 I just read the Twitter thread about NRS. As somebody who at one point was out of graduation and not knowing any better, I worked under a toxic producer who acted like my boss. I know it feels like shit to work for low-wage so you can "pay dues" to get your foot in the door. I was barely surviving at the time. But that's only pertaining to the wage and work side of things. NOBODY should go through the power dynamics and gender discrimination, etc, etc, that they list off. In hindsight, that paid off for me but I'd never allow myself to be treated that way again. I do want to believe their anecdote but at this point it is only hearsay. Some of the things they mention seem unfortunately standard in the industry (i.e. poaching grads, not paying them). In the Canadian animation world, we have to pay our interns and usually the pay isn't that bad. Too bad video games in Illinois isn't the same. Other things like having to pay for the game at full price sounds like my experience in TV. I never got a free season of the show we made. The network/client never did that for us. I don't know anybody else who gets that either. Obviously, different country and different industry. Time will tell where this story goes but unionization was the hot topic at GDC this year and it sounds like the AAA machine might be in for a rude awakening if they don't straighten this stuff out. At the very very least, all Men, Women, They/Them, Green/Puruple/Blue people all need to get paid the same (livable wage based on geography) if they are doing mostly equal work. I know different people are better/worse at negotiating salary but if you are all temp workers doing the same job, then men shouldn't get $1 extra for no reason. But again, its hearsay at this point. Makes me upset.