Picked this up for 5 US$ a few days ago, played for a couple hours already and have just reached level 6. It's pretty great so far. The gunplay is much more fun that it looks. It's not the flashiest shooter in town, but the weapon feedback and variety are solid, and they did a good job of portraying the enemies as absolute assholes. From what I have explored so far, Washington feels pretty dense in terms of activities, and the amount of objects, debris and whatnot does so much to sell the post-apocalypse vibe. The world's structure seems to be in line with other Ubisoft open world games, and I'm cool with it since the structure actually fits the theme of the game. I like that the game didn't immediately overwhelm me with all of it's systems. I think it does a good job of easing me in, unlike another looter shooter I played sometime ago. The story and characters are meh at best so far, but the presentation is not too distracting so I can live with it. I think playing this actually made me a bit hyped for Massive Entertainment's Star Wars game. I don't think I would be too hyped if it's another loot focused game, but I think they definitely can make a great SW game. Hopefully this game can keep up the momentum as it goes, I'm pretty hooked right now.