Finished it last night, clocked in at 41 hours, did pretty much everything. It's really, really good. The world and characters grew on me throughout, and my gripes about some of the moral choices feeling unfair slowly disappeared as I learned to accept them, and also saw positive consequences finally happen too. When I finally dive into The Witcher 3, I will be on the lookout for these people, and I'll probably be disappointed if they aren't in it. The final battle is ridiculously difficult though, to the point where it feels like only one specific strategy can work, the one shared online by everyone, which I had to resort to after failing so many times. Felt dirty and unsatisfying, but it doesn't take anything away from the overall experience. I feel like if you enjoy the world of the Witcher and are not totally allergic to card games, this is a must-play. It has excellent writing and voice-acting too, a very polished UI, gorgeous 2D art... Truly a gem, kudos to the team!