Massachusetts - Boston Photos Final stop and a very brief one. After a few hours delay with my flight and having a small visit to the immigration office (probably due to having my ESTA refused on my account and the short weekend I spent in Canada), I got the Silver line in towards South Station (free too, not sure where I had to pay at the airport side). So I didn't get to the hostel until about 12 and I had one full day the next day before heading to Cork via London. The slight disappointing thing was the weather was pretty dull. It was very cloudy, kinda misty on the day. Either way the obvious thing for me to do was hit up the Freedom Trail and chill out in Boston Common. Even though I walked through some parts of the trail, I decided to start properly at Bunker Hill monument. I think the trail is really good. It is so spread out that it never feels overly busy. Sure you'll get a tour come in or a lot of people at some stages but you can just relax for a bit and people generally move on at a decent pace from one spot to the other. Being someone who really loved history in school and has since let that slide, it was really interesting to read up on the American history and seeing statues for Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, famous churches and houses that were key in the history. It's really interesting. The actual trail itself that guides you around is pretty damn cool. The symbol and then layer of bricks (always red, sometimes blue and yellow outlines) and other more elaborate designs like the pedestrian crossing in gold, littered in history. I loved it. Unfortunately I don't have much else to add. I didn't do much more as I'd only so much money left on my travel card and didn't want to waste more transferring another currency over and I really didn't have enough time to go out and do much else. And that ends my insanely long travelling trip. 19 months later, 574, I arrived back in Ireland and I'm currently trying to rehabilitate myself into normality again! I hope people enjoyed these awful posts! :)