I think one of the best soundtracks I've listened to was for Stretch Panic. I know not a lot of people played it, and it's just a boss rush game, but it's a damn good one. The boss fights are much more creative that in most other games and the music reflects that creativity. The whole game has a feeling of insanity and dread which the soundtrack definitely matches. These are some standouts to me. Samantha Spinner Siren Honestly I don't listen to these songs very often outside of actually playing the game since they kind of make me feel anxious. Which is effective for the sort of tone the game is trying to create, just not great for everyday life. Another game soundtrack I want to highlight is the upcoming A Hat in Time. The main composer is the phenomenally talented Pascal Michael Stiefel, but the game also features tracks by Grant Kirkhope. I think they each did an excellent job with this game. The game obviously isn't out yet, but there's been a playable Alpha, Beta, and Speedruning Event, which all had great music. Some may notice that the Spaceship (Hub) theme sounds very similar to the theme for Mario + Rabbids. This is because Kirkhope did both. And before anyone rags on A Hat in Time for copying or anything, I just wanted to point that out (and that technically the A Hat In Time theme was released long before Mario + Rabbids even got leaked). Anyways, here's some songs! Moon Jumper's Theme Crazy Science Owls Welcome to Mafia Town Mafia Boss Spaceship Theme