I'm loving the discussions you all are bringing to the table so let me respond and add a bit more. First I think it's worth taking a look at the release history of consoles to have some reference as to what I'm more interested in. A quick google search pulled up this from wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_video_game_console_releases . We could compare this "mid-gen" console release(Switch/PRO/Scorpio) to the more aggressive era of SEGA. However, I feel that it is really quite unique what's happening. For all three (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) to be releasing consoles at this time is not a coincidence. From what I can see Sony would have been fine without releasing the PRO and so would the gaming industry. I'm extremely excited to see what Scorpio has to offer but again Microsoft would be fine without it (even being behind Sony) and will probably take a huge loss on it. Nintendo though, they really needed something. I believe the Switch was already in development as a handheld and became their solution to that something. EZA has indeed spoken in great length about all three of these consoles but they have yet to touch on the question I presented which is why I have reached out to the community as suggested by EZA. Also, in response to the idea that PC's are a concern for consoles I will simply state that PC's are doing worse and worse each year and have been for some time. Video gaming is the one industry that is keeping custom PC's alive. Proprietary instead of standardized hardware is what the majority of the tech industry would prefer. I've worked in various areas of this industry for many years and owned/operated a startup focused on custom computing so please have some consideration for my words surrounding this topic. I have an enormous amount of respect for EZA and this community which is why I would sincerely love to hear EZA's and the community's response to what I question. Again I'd like to thank all of you who have taken the time to read/respond to this post and as always Love and Respect. -Ross