What are you watching?

  • So what TV shows are you currently watching?

    I'm currently on hold for so many TV shows, but right now I'm catching up Orphan Black (S2E5), waiting for new Preacher, One Piece that are airing right now... And Batman Animated series again, thank you EZA :/
    Also need to watch few other things that are on wait list (after Orphan) like Attack on Titan and wait until September and new seasons from other shows :)

  • Bloodlines and Dragon Ball super.
    Have a ton that I need to catch up on as well.

  • Way to much. The current season of Archer, Bates Motel, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Preacher and Orphan Black. I'm one season behind with The Americans and almost finished the third season of Louie. Also Boku no Hero Academia and Kiznaiver. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress was ok at the beginning but I'm not sure if I keep watching it, gets dumber each episode.
    I hope I can finish at least 2 of those before the second season of Mr. Robot starts.

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    I've been watching a lot of Elementary, the american Sherlock Homes show with Lucy Liu as Watson. I really like procedurals, and this is procedural at its finest.

  • I'm loving the last season of Person of Interest. It's one of the secret best shows on TV, and since it's on CBS a lot of people don't realize it's actually cool cyberpunk and not some crappy procedural.

    The new season of Powers on PS+ is also a lot of fun.

  • I watch very little TV nowadays. Hyped for Sasuke 32 next month, then a long wait for the next season of Doctor Who.

  • My fiancee's been watching a ton of HGTV so all I've watched in the last week is like Property Brothers...

  • @Pituitor HA HA HA HA, that's exactly the same situation for me and my wife, except throw in some Chopped as well. She did enjoy watching me play through UC4 though!

  • I'm going through an anime-only streak right now, so lots of shows from the current Spring season.
    Kiznaiver, Macross Delta, Kuromukuro, Flying Witch (my current healing show, it's so relaxing and cute), and others.

  • Not much TV these days. Game of Thrones is the only one but I'll watch Euro championship.

  • Game of Thrones like everyone else and Turn, because I promised Huber I would. Western filth aside, get ready for a long list, because I'm an anime madman.

    First off, I'm watching Re: Zero which is pretty much anime of the season imho. If you only have time to watch one anime right now, this is what you should be watching. Yes, even above Boku no Hero Academia, even though that show is rapidly getting better and is also quite good. If you have a bit more time, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a fun watch, sort of like "Attack on Titan on a train". Kuromukuro is also surprisingly good, because the show stops barreling the plot forward long enough to have scenes that grow and add humanity to the characters.

    On the next tier, I can recommend Sakamoto desu ga? if you need a good laugh or some of the really comfy shows this season such as Flying Witch, Shounen Maid, or another show I like so much I'll watch it despite the ridiculous brightness blinding me, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless. There's also Kuma Miko if you're into lolis getting bullied, but that show is a little gross; catchy ending song though.

    Then if you're a fan of Studio Trigger, you've probably heard of Kiznaiver, unfortunately I think it might be that studio's worst show in years. There's an anime short Trigger is putting out this season called Uchuu Patrol Luluco, and even though it's short, crazy, and nonsensical, it is way more worth your time than Kiznaiver ever will be. There's also an Ace Attorney anime this season, if you're a fan of the Phoenix Wright games. First episode looks really jank for some reason, but the rest is good.

    Believe it or not, I'm watching even more than this, but everything else isn't worth recommending, except I guess Mayoiga if you're into shows that are so bad they're good. It's a psychological horror show about a whole bunch of one-dimensional stupid kids trying to start over in a mysterious town in the middle of nowhere. Don't take it seriously, and you might enjoy it. No promises.

  • ER Season 8 where a certain beloved someone is leaving the show. And man, I'm bawling my eyes out. And yes, GoT obviously.

  • Just finished One Punch Man (watched the anime, then read from that point to the end of the manga, then read from that point to the end of the webcomic.)

    I plan on tackling Jojo's Bizarre Adventure next!

  • Your lie in april, Assassination classroom and Game of Thrones!

  • From the New World. It's pretty weird.
    Also Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful.

  • @Traydor said in What are you watching?:

    Your lie in april, Assassination classroom and Game of Thrones!

    Ah, I see you love tears and sadness.

  • @Pituitor Hey! Don't go around and make it sound like I love the Property Brothers, I just like renovations and that's what's on! I much prefer Fixer Upper, at least Chip is entertaining.

    I recently finished rewatching Parks and Rec, and I'm trying to figure out what to watch next. I'd like to catch up on Daredevil.

  • @thisisdaleb Midway through One Punch. As someone who doesn't really like anime it is a blast so far.

  • Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Penny Dreadful. Though I might drop Penny Dreadful after this season. Also just started Peaky Blinders, first episode didn't hook me yet. I also want to give shout-outs to Vinyl and the Knick. They are not currently running but still quite fresh I think.

  • ive been watching Monster, JoJo and Goosebumps