What are you watching?

  • @HylianMigz said in What are you watching?:

    ive been watching Monster, JoJo and Goosebumps

    Man, I remember watching Monster when it first came out Not my kind of show but I loved it!

  • I just finished the fourth season of The Americans, one of the best shows on TV right now. Not quite sure what I'm going to jump into next, I was thinking about starting that Show Me A Hero miniseries starring Oscar Isaac(s) that was on HBO last summer.
    As for anime, I'm slowly working my way through One-Punch Man, not rushing it as I'm really enjoying it and don't want it to be over too quickly. And since the start of the year I've been making myself watch one episode of Naruto a day, I just finished the first arc of Shippuden. It started out pretty slow, but I've got to admit the show has grown on me, even though it moves at a glacial pace most of the time.
    And I'm also watching Game of Thrones, like many of you.

  • I recently went back to rewatch some Star Trek Next Generation but otherwise enjoying Silicon Valley at the moment ;)

    Youtube Video

  • We just rewatched Jurassic Park to celebrate it being put on Netflix.

    Really, really not as good as I remember. Like, at all. And holy crap, those kids. Yikes.

  • Just recently finished up a watchalong of Twin Peaks that I did with a bunch of my closest friends, and it couldn't have gone better. I had seen the first season several times, but for some odd reason something always seemed to go wrong while I was watching the second season, which had led to me never finishing it. I had a whim to rewatch the series and brought it up to them, and so we all decided to watch one episode per night.

    Coincidentally the series finale ended up being watched on June 10th, which was 25 years to the day that it had first aired. Considering that 25 years is something mentioned in the specific episode... yeah. I still get chills thinking about it. It was a pretty magical watch. We're planning to do Fire Walk with Me and The Missing Pieces soon, but we're taking a small break just to let that finale sink in.

    Other than that, I'm beginning a rewatch of Curb Your Enthusiasm (grew up watching it on TV, but it's a lot funnier now that I'm old enough to understand the jokes) and contemplating trying to make it through Game of Thrones so that I can enjoy the last season (is it the last season? I'm talking about the next one, not the currently airing one.) with everyone. Not entirely sure if the series is for me, but I haven't heard this much raving about a show since Breaking Bad, and that turned out to be a fav of mine.

  • Mostly One Piece, hopefully they will up the quality from TOEI Animations soon, because they've really made some lackluster performances, especially with the whole "dragging out Luffy vs Mingo (Doflamingo)" combat part. (god I hate flashbacks :cold_sweat: )

  • Too much since i actively watch over 15 shows current and old so i'll just put the best here: My Hero Academia, Person of Interest, Game Of Thrones, Steven Universe, Last Week Tonight, Vice, Masterchef, Adventure Time, Preacher, The Knick, Fargo, Gravity Falls.
    And these are the best shows currently that i'm just waiting for: The Leftovers (#1), Attack on Titan, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Rick & Morty, Samurai Jack (it's back baby!), Dragons Defenders of Berk, The Flash, The Marvel netflix shows, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Black Mirror.

  • Nothing! I need a new show.. Thinking of starting Treme since I loved David Simon's other shows.

    I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread for ideas

  • Getting around to finishing season 3 of Agents of SHIELD, and I think I'm gonna get around to the Hulu show 11.22.63. Other than that, there's not much i watch that goes on in the summer. I usually watch The Flash and Arrow, I liked the first season of Superstore, and I think I'm gonna pick up Mr. Robot and Silicon Valley as well.

  • @Inflorescence said in What are you watching?:

    We just rewatched Jurassic Park to celebrate it being put on Netflix.

    Really, really not as good as I remember. Like, at all. And holy crap, those kids. Yikes.

    It's very 90's, but still beats the pants off all the sequels.

  • Easy Ally

    Peaky Blinders
    12 Monkeys
    One Punch Man
    Game of Thrones
    Penny Dreadful
    Feed The Beast

  • I don't like TV, but I am looking forward to Twin Peaks Season 3! That's one of the few shows I've actually found interesting enough to get more than a couple episodes into.

  • I'm watching Community right now and I'm really loving it. Never heard of it before, don't know how I missed it. And I'm in love with iZombie. Fills the hole in my heart that Veronica Mars and Buffy left. And I still need to watch the last season of Dexter, but man season 7 was so bad it killed all my desire to keep going. Oh and I'm stuck in season 2 of From Dusk till Dawn. And in the fall I'll probably continue to catch up on Supernatural. Yeah so...way too much.

  • Game of Thrones, need to continue with my others shows.

  • Game of Thrones and Walking Dead are the only two series I follow these days.

  • I'm mostly a tokusatsu guy, though all I'm watching right now is Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger (which is really good) since Kamen Rider Amazons ended and Kamen Rider Ghost just didn't keep my interest at all.

    For something a bit older I'm slowly working my way through Kamen Rider Blade though. Great show.

  • None of the above. Am watching several animes and the "Unread Posts" page here on the forum ...