E3 Microsoft Recap and impressions

  • Disclaimer: I am writing this after a small amount of sleep because of E3 and timezones are weird like that, and being pushed forward purely by hype and overdosing with green tea. So expect some mistakes. Also, if you don't agree with something, or want to state your own opinion or highlight, feel free to engage a discussion. :D

    Recap: This is based off my badly made notes that I took during press conference:
    Before anything, I would point out that I took most notes for this conference, alongside PCGaming Show.

    Starting off, Xbox S is announced. A smaller, a bit more capable Xbox 1 with beautiful design.
    Youtube Video

    Some may say that they don't want to see a hardware announcement during press conference, but I think it's a good decision. Video games and technology walk side by side, and so their progression is also tied. It's good to see new innovations and possibilities that they bring, in both software and hardware.
    The Xbox S will cost from 299$ to 399$, depending on the hard drive space. The most expensive model, with 2TB of space, will come out at the end of August, while the 1TB and 500GB editions will be released at the end of this year. I personally think that the "slimmer, sleeker and sharper' version will replace low end Xbox console, while project Scorpio will be the high end console.
    The host seemed excited while talking about the future of Xbox, including "more exclusive games". He forgot to mention though, that it is Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive. Now, before continuing, lets get one thing straight. My opinion of this cross-platform is nothing but supportive. Sure, you might say that now there is no need to have an Xbox now, but for me that means that I also don't need to buy an Xbox. With Sony winning current market, Microsoft is trying to adapt and i think that investing in high end console and cross-platform is a solid idea, but we will have to see whether it will work.

    The first game of the conference was Gears of war 4
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    As for the first game, this is the first time we hear the "Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive". I mean, do you have to call it exclusive at this point? I guess the only question is if these games will only be available in Microsoft and/or Xbox store, or will they be also available on Steam.
    There will be available crossplatform play (xbox and pc), also the new Horde (Co-op) mode. Brad, Huber... You know what to do. I expect a long stream. There was pretty intense stabbing. I don't know what to think about voiceacting though. Sometimes I really liked it, but later it was just a cringe. Weather (storm) and that sawblade gun seemed really cool. Overall: Not too bad. Definitely worth checking out. Gears of war 4 will be available 11th october 2016.

    Next was some updates regarding killer instinct regarding Killer instinct, including new character:
    Youtube Video

    Not really interested in the game and genre overall. Sorry. The trailer was really cool tough and apparently, you can play it free this week.

    Next game is pretty big: Forza Horizon 3:
    Youtube Video

    Not gonna lie, that seems really good. It was very long since a racing game gained my interested, but I am sold on this. It has amazing environment as it is taking place in Australia. Gameplay seemed really cool. the presentation overall was great. The game will also offer easy to access co-op and will come out September 27th.

    The following game is one that I was really excited since last year: Recore.
    Youtube Video

    It offered everything to me. Jolly and exciting, visually pleasing and good music selection. Really HYPED for this game.

    Next was FFXV demo: Trial of titan. Really liked music, gameplay seemed awkward. i got some Dark Souls vibes.
    Youtube Video

    Then we got The Division: underground expansion, already seen Battlefield 1 trailer. Then we got some Xbox updates with background music, cortana, clubs (communities), Looking for group (groupfinder), Arena, Competition network and some talk about EA Sports.
    So, nothing spectacular, but it may be interesting to some.

    Next is a game that I consider to be overused by now, but hey, it's still popular: Minecraft. Let me spare you with the demo, because IT WAS BAD. Like two people in a cartoon. Please be more fake.
    Ok, so quick list of features: Crossplatform, the friendly update, Oculus and gear VR possibility available today, texture packs, add-ons coming this fall. "Let's get out of here"

    Next was the Xbox design lab (Microsoft is faking Don's show. Shame on you microsoft!). Honestly, I'm fully aboard the customisable controllers. Looks rad.
    Youtube Video

    alt text
    Presenting the new EZA controller via Daniel Bloodworth:

    Next is a montage of indie game, which I always like. Some really great games between them: There’s Outlast, Delivers us to the Moon, Flint Hook, FAR, Slime Rancher, Shadow Tactics, Figment, The Culling, For the King, Beacon, Stardew Valley, Hand of Fate 2, Below, Raiders, Bloodstained, Yooka-Laylee, Everspace and Cuphead.
    Youtube Video

    Next was another interesting game: We happy few.
    Youtube Video

    This is one of my favorite game s of this E3 overall. The concept itself is fascinating and it is presented really well. Worth checking out.

    Next we see something that can only be described as Bloodworth: The cardgame.
    Youtube Video

    Coming out september, 9th.That would be a fun stream game. Blood, pls.

    Following are the games I'm not sold on. Tekken 7 is apparently big thing for some, but I just see another fighting game, that I overplayed on arcade machines (where they should've stayed, because the magic of fighting games didn't come for me on other platforms). But Ben almost died. Yeah, this game was made for him, I feel. The trailer was great though. Pumping with power.
    Youtube Video

    We saw dead rising, and the first note I have here is: "Fallout on Christmas". I guess it could be fun, but I would have to see more. Currently I am not interested. It was another extremely good trailer of a game that felt bland. After that they talked about Play anywhere program that we pretty much figured out by now.
    Youtube Video

    Next is a game that I was most excited about (that was bound to show): Scalebound.
    Youtube Video

    Now officially on PC too. YASSSSS!!!!! Also, you are a big cool douche with dragon arm, giant sword and headphones and a dragon buddy. What is there not to like!? It's so anime! I'm so excited for this! Scale comes out sometime in 2017.

    Next is a game that could be the favourite game of EZA, as a group: Sea of thieves.
    Youtube Video

    While I am really happpy that Allies are excited for this game, I can't find anything appealing in it. It's seems really like an MMO. It's focus is entirely on multiplayer and the graphic may look too cartoony for me. It seems like Guns of Icarus, but with pirates. Idk, I just can't get into this game, but I'm really excited to see allies play and for Bosman to walk the plank and for Huber and Brad to do Pirate voices and scream around. But the way it was presented was perfect imo. Trailer was good, with a more serious tone and pirate the, and the they show how fun it can be with reactions. Well played Microsoft.

    We got a new State of decay. We saw some gameplay, but It struck me as another zombie game. Sigh. I'm out.
    Last game was Halo wars 2. The game comes out 21.2.2017 and you can sign into beta today. We saw decent gameplay and cinematic trailer:
    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    And for last we got a peak into project scorpio. The new console will apparently have 6 teraflops of speed with 8 cores and it's coming out holiday 2017. This will probably be the strongest console to be build till this day. it may serve as a mini oculus machine. It will also be backward compatible. It will also feature 4k resolution.

    Bottom line:
    I really enjoyed Microsoft conference. It was a better version of the last year's event and it worked great. I like the pacing, the sheer amount and variety of game and how many will be released this and early next year. The games will now be available on PC as well, which is really big. I'm extremely happy about this. Basically Microsoft is saying "why not both", implying platforms. i liked how they started and finished with new consoles, showing how the xbox/microsoft hardware family will coexist.
    Still, while Sony is making dreams come true, mine are still just a fantasy. No new Age of empires. But mavbe next year. Huber taught me to believe.

    4/5 stars

  • Really enjoy this post and breakdown, I was thinking of doing something similar here!

    Rewatching the conferences now before posting opinions!

  • @Nillend Thanks for the awesome summary.

    My personal favorite from this conference is probably "We Happy Few" and "Sea of Thieves". I'm also excited about having the ability to play Gwent as a separate game but I probably won't pick it up until it comes to mobile (and tablets)

  • @marcel Thx for a reply. We happy few is really interesting to me in all its aspects. Can't wait to play it.
    @Stormcrownn thx for checking it out. I'll check your summary, if you put it up.

  • @marcel Blood's comments on the game completely changed my mind on this game. It's free to play, has hours of campaign...check it out...

  • @Stormcrownn Which game? Gwent?

  • @marcel Yeah. I'm at work right now so I can't get the exact timestamp, but it was in the last hour or so of the stream last night. Blood went DEEP into Gwent.

  • @Stormcrownn Yeah, well I really liked Gwent in Witcher III but I can't imagine playing a card game on a computer or TV screen. I played a lot of hours of Hearthstone on my iPhone but can never seem to get myself to play on my computer.

    Maybe just a personal preference ;)

  • @marcel I play Hearthstone only on PC (hooked up to my TV), it's really great while listening to a podcast or browsing web etc. Since there's nothing you can do on enemy turn.