Any one played Lords of the Fallen?

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    My friend convinced me to play Bloodborne about two months ago, and since then I've consumed the entirety of the Soulsbourne series, and am itching for more. Lords of the Fallen has been compared as the same sort of gameplay, but has mixed reviews on steam. Anyone played it and have an opinion?

  • Not a great game, not a bad game. Was pretty fun. Swimming in 7s as they say.

  • I playe don PS4. Didnt finish it, but if youre hungry for more games of that ilk, you could do a lot worse. I found it quite charming. Also has some unique mechanics that improve the genre too, particularly in how they handle XP growth and magic.

    I heard at launch the PC port was trash, but may have been fixed now. I'm definitely gonna restart on PC to see (when i can, i prefer gaming on PC vs consoles)

  • I played all the Soulsborne games. I am sorry to say lord of the fallen falls way short of being a great game. Mind you I only played a few hours of it but found it very boring.

  • The thing about LotF is it's not a souls game, it has a stamina bar and it's harder than other games but it's not soul's.

    Lords it's way more story driven, and it doesn't follow the same structure as the souls games, if you're looking for an outright souls game without the game get Salt and Sanctuary, unless you don't like 2D games then Lords is your best bet I guess.

  • It was trash IMO the combat was decent but the story and main character look is just bad , the leveling up and magic didn't make sense to me pluse the magic SUCKS and the weapons you find mostly focus on the warior tank build , i was a rouge speedy build and could not find a decent weapon that fit my build and i was wreked by the 2nd boss and then i tried the warior build and then i realized i was not having and sold the game , they ripped so much from the Souls series but forgot to rip good combat and encounter design , the game was moderately successful because it came at a time were people were hungry for more Souls and especially for those who didn't have a PS4 .