Any Tabletop Escapades fans from Yorkshire, UK?

  • Hi allies!

    My husband and I have never played D&D and are dying to give it a go after watching Tabletop Escapades (and Adventures), but our friend group aren't really interested. So I was hoping some like-minded tabletop fans from Yorkshire or thereabouts who would be up for trying out an adventure together? Any level welcome, whether newbies like us who can discover the rules together, or if more experienced D&D players have the patience to take on the Ben-like challenge of guiding us through it! It would be great to make some new friends who share a love of the Allies and all they do!

    We have a young son so would need be the ones to host, we're available any evening and we live in East Leeds.

    Enjoy the rest of E3 everyone!

  • If only I still lived in the north east I would love to me and the wife play regularly. Maybe you should try playing digitally with roll 20