EZA Watches "Bungou Stray Dogs" [Spoilers]

  • So, how did everyone like Bungou/Literary Stray Dogs?

    Personally it was my favorite show of the Spring season, partially because it indulges the literary buff in me, and because of the art style. The music is well done, especially later in the season the fight scenes are really well choreographed. It checked all the boxes of a good shonen anime to me. Can't wait for part 2.

    Things really get crazy once western authors hit the scene. Edgar Allen Poe and John Steinbeck are my favorites. F. Scott Fitzgerald is a pain, though.

  • I'll be honest, I didn't expect I'd like it but I'm starting to really dig it (I'm three episodes in). The direct references to literary figures is fun, especially Dazai and Tanizaki who are my favorites so far.

    I remember reading No Longer Human (Dazai's masterpiece) during my study in Tokyo.
    The professor was super hardcore about it and it kind of turned me off the book unfortunately :sweat_smile: .

    I'm actually re-reading In Praise of Shadows (Tanizaki's work; good read and short!) which is probably my favorite book when I need some inspiration, especially for work.

    Atsushi is... fine I guess? He's got that fish-outta-water thing going which is cute. As the straight man of sorts I suppose he can't be too outlandish right now.

    Art, music, animation etc all good, especially for a TV series. No complaints but nothing in particular to praise, although I do like Dazai's VO.

    I'll definitely finish this when I have more time. :smiley:

    EDIT: Just remembered that Zetsubou sensei also heavily referenced Dazai as well. He too had ridiculous ideas on how to kill himself.

  • @Mechanoid Tanizaki has got to be my favorite representation, especially with the addition of Naomi.

  • I didn't even realize the characters were supposed to be direct references to authors. Then again, I think the only authors I see references in the first 3 episodes are Japanese? So, knowing next to nothing about Japanese writers, I suppose that makes sense. :)

    I enjoyed the build to the third episode, where there seems to be some sort of direct conflict introduced. I'm not really seeing much in the way of stakes, is all. Aside from money, I don't see what anyone has to lose or gain based on that early interaction.

    I'll probably revisit it soon, especially since the first 3 seem like just the tippy top of the iceberg. And, at least to start, they have a good 3 character interaction going between Nakajima, Dazai and Kunikida. Definitely warrants more watching.