Kid's Games That You Enjoy

  • What games made specifically for kids do you enjoy these days, or still enjoy from your childhood?

    Recently I started playing Poptropica again.
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    It's basically a collection of point and click adventure "Islands" that you can play for free online (or subscribe to play certain Islands). It's supposed to be educational I guess, but it doesn't come across as heavy handed as most educational games. I played it religiously when I was younger and logged back in recently to see what had become of the game. Surprisingly it's still alive and kicking, adding things like sound which I hadn't ever noticed to be missing. Some Islands are surprisingly tough while others are pretty easy. Regardless it was a fun blast from the past, I won't soon forget Nabooti or Cryptids Island.

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    This is what jumps out at me immediately.

  • Well, I still play Pokemon, and the TCG. Even though they're still largely marketed for children.

    Oh, and the wife got me to play Wizard 101 a number of years back. Pretty much a family/child orientated F2P MMO.

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    I got reallllllllly into Skylanders when it first came out. I only played Spyro's Adventure, but it was a solid game. Unlocked everything, got the Platinum trophy, enjoyed the whole process. After Giants came out, and I realized this was gonna be a yearly thing, I sold the game and all my figures to save myself from becoming an addict figure collector.

  • Up there as one of the most relaxing games I've ever played...

    alt text

  • Oh yes Viva Pinata is great. Loved that game. Never got around to playing 2 tho.

  • I don't know, I wouldn't call most of the mentioned titles kid games, OPs really is the only one so far I would put in this category.

  • @Musou-Tensei I mean... 4Kids TV developed a cartoon for children of Viva Pinata that came out before the Viva Pinata game was released, so I'm going to respectfully, but completely disagree.

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