Loosing my will to play videogames....

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    Hi guys!

    So I got a big problem... lately I have kinda stoped playing games, except for Pokemon go now and then. I can't really figure out why I don't play much. I recently started a new job so I don't come home until late every evening. I am also about to move house. I see my PS4 and all the games I got left to play on it, instead of feeling happy about it, I feel stresses and I end up doing other stuff instead (like watching films). I mean I still LOVE to talk about games, I LOVE to watch EZA and the streams of games, but I just cant seem to find the motivation to play myself.

    Why might this be? have anyone else felt something similar? how did you get back to games?

    I feel excitment for a lot of upcoming games, but I got a backlog big as my.... my... bookshelf.

  • I'm with ya there sometimes. I have a HUGE Steam back log, games on my PS4, PS3, Wii and Wii U I have yet to play, let alone load up. Not to mention all of the things I want to watch or listen to. There's just so much!

    Here's the thing that helped me: knowing I don't have to do all of it. It's ok to start a game, walk away and not go back to it immediately. It means I flit around from thing to thing, and some games I set down for months before going back to, but that's ok.

    When I DO find something that grabs my attention, I am able to go in and just enjoy it. NMS is doing that for me right now, which is nice, and it allows me to listen to music, podcasts and passively watch things that don't require direct focus (LPs, simple, serialized TV, etc).

    The deluge of content can be stressful, so try not to worry about it. Just know it's ok not to finish, just be sure you're enjoying yourself.

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    @Sazime That sounds like a healthy way of approaching it!

    I kinda pick up a game and think "yeah this will be awesome!" play for like an evening, but then I dont play anything again for a long time =/

    Is it okey to buy games even if I won't finish them right away? or will that give me more regrets?

  • @Lotias That has happened to me on the past before, where others things in life have taken my interest and time (especially when something new is happening like when I moved and changed Universities). I wouldn't stress about it. There will come a time when you might say "Hey I want to replay this game that's very dear to me again" then you play it get tired and try a new one and now your back at it again :P. That game for was Starcraft and Max Payne, both are series that I feel at home playing. And as for what to play, the words of a wise man always stick out for me "PLAY WHAT YOU WANT TO PLAY"-Huber @Huber

    P.S. Not sure about Pokemon Go being considered a video game though. (I JOKE)

  • @Lotias I've only had regrets paying full price for something I never play. Humble Bundles, cheap used purchases and Steam Sales are fair game. :)

  • I usually go through phases where I won't play much or won't play at all for awhile. Sometimes its good to step away from gaming (or anything really) if you feel like you're getting burned out on it.

    Even if you have a backlog, maybe just wait for a game you're really excited about before you play again, instead of pushing through games you aren't that interested in at the moment

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    @Faaip you said some wise words there! I have games that I kinda want to finish, but they are not feeling super appealing at this moment!

    I'm thinking that October feels like a month where I want to buy a big bunch of games! At the same time I feel stressed to finish Dishonored before the second game is released!

    Maybe after I've moved houses things will go back a bit more to "normal"?

  • When this happens with me every few years I take it as a chance to save cash. No burning desire to play games? Don't buy them until it comes back. Pick up tons of great games at reduced cost at a later date. I was having one of these spells when mass effect came out and ended up picking up the trilogy for $20 dollars. It sounds like you have tons of life stuff going on so tend to all that and there will be lots of great games waiting for you when you get back.

  • Start exercising, build cardio, and eat healthy and you'll have plenty of energy to play after work. Sleep is also very important.

  • It has happened to many of us at some point. Enjoy your other interests, and don't sweat the games. I've gone over a year without playing anything, and once I rented and picked up some games that really caught my interests. My gaming hobby was restored.

    I also suggest to stop buying games every time a sale or new release comes. You just end up building an excessive backlog that you can't possibly finish. My rule is I only buy a game that I can see myself playing soon or 2 months tops (3 for holiday sales). After buying so many games I don't see myself ever beating. And knowing that money was better spent elsewhere.

  • Yeah, it's something I think that happens to most of us.
    Sometimes you just don't feel it.

    The important thing is to not force yourself, or feel you have to do anything.

    Whenever I am in a game rut, I do find that it's the smaller, or faster games that get me back in. Recently I'd not been in the mood to play too much, but I have been enjoying the more "no pressure" games like No Man's Sky or Overwatch.

  • My go to when I lose motivation is to read a book. I love the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. He releases 1 a year, and has, I think, over 20 out now, so plenty to dive into. I have read all , but 2 now over the last 6 or so years. Not had a gaming motivation lose for a while though so still got a book sitting to get to at some point.

  • I have the same feeling from time to time, usually stepping back from major releases and finding some random game ive never played, or something I had passed on for whatever reason, or going back to something that I love. ( hell I replay Ocarina of time once a year)
    Maybe it takes doing something different for a bit, read a book, or build a model, or learn some kind of skill (take a cooking class or something)

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    I love how everyone are so understanding and shared their experiences on the subject, Thank you!

    I have secured a house now where I will move into in 2 weeks time, I have been busy all this weekend cleaning and packing boxes. Even though its been hard work it has also been a lot of fun. I played some Don't starve with my girlfriend last night and I really had a blast just messing around and so on! I have decided to over the next weeks before I move in focus on other stuff such as work and doing things outside the games. I plan on picking up a book I got recommendation for as well as pick up drawing again!

    I must say I feel more at peace in mind and won't pick up any games until I feel that I got one I really want to play! :D

  • @Lotias Very good idea.

    I was just about to post my experience with that as well. I've been going through 'not in the mood for X hobby' a lot. The best thing I realised I can do is either find something else I'd rather occupy my time with or just wait it out.
    It doesn't happen only with videogames, for instance I had a period of about half a year where I couldn't read any books. I wanted to, and I was really stressed out, downright annoyed at myself by the fact, but they just wouldn't stick, my attention would drift off or just the thought of starting a new novel tired me.

    Then I realised that it's okay and that there's plenty of other stuff I could do in the meantime. So I bought some Gundam model kits and started building those in the time that I'd spend reading. When I got tired of that I started riding my bike more or baking sweets and stuff that I never tried before. After some time, I was in the mood for reading again.

    Too much of anything can wear you out, so if you alternate them or just find completely new stuff to do, in due time you'll find the mood coming back.

  • I've been in a six month lull because I waste time on the internet all day. Finally getting burned out on it, though.

    It's not the only reason, though. I'm getting really picky in the games that I play. Partially because they cost a lot, but it's primarily a demand for high quality and specific genres. It's gotten to a point where I only play the absolute best of the best, and almost strictly Nintendo games, racing games, and The Elder Scrolls. Anything smaller/less polished just doesn't look interesting to me nowadays.

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  • I'd say try something different. Maybe you need a break from the AAA titles. I'd pick up an old DS and play some mario or something. I think some big modern games can easily become more of a chore than a fun experience. Pick up some Wario ware or Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time. Maybe some Harvest Moon.

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    @Wiplash Hmm that is some interesting things! as I mentioned I did pick up don't starve, which I wouldn't consider a AAA-game. I did have a huge amount of fun in it. Maybe it is worth to try some more "short" and indie games?

  • @Lotias Ok then maybe try Stardew Valley or stanley parable