Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Impressions

  • Hey Allies!

    I watched the movie last night, and I honestly didn't like it much.

    I found the plot messy and confusing, the final battle is interminable and unsatisfying. The action scenes are also hard to follow, a lot of zipping and flying around, but it all quickly feels like a blur.

    There are several very cool characters however, but how many of those will actually make it into the game? My guess is very few.

    The visuals are out of this world, the characters are life-like, although sometimes the level of detail is inconsistent.

    As an introduction to the world of FF XV, it did leave me wanting more, and actually got me hyped for the game, so in a way it did its job!

    Basically, if you take it as a stand-alone movie, it's not worth it. But if you take it as a 2-hour opening cinematic for the game, then by all means, go for it.

    Who else has seen it?

  • Banned

    Square are doing a pretty good job of getting me invested in the world of xv with Kingsglaive and the Brotherhood anime shorts. (Who knew Prompto was a fatty?)

    Haven't seen Kingsglaive but I'm looking forward to it. I can turn my brain off for two hours and enjoy the purdy graphics.

  • I have not seen it. Waiting until the FF15 deluxe edition is at my door.
    Based on your impressions Axel, it seems to be Advent Children 2. That movie was full of zipping and flying around in the action scenes. Is that a good comparison? Also, is it a good opening for the game?

  • @cottontunacan Haven't seen Advent Children (I know, shame on me) so I can't compare the two. But yes, if you want to get hyped for the game, the movie will do its job!

  • So should the film be viewed before or after the game?
    Still find it hilarious that Arron Paul is in the English voice cast though.

  • @DMCMaster Before. The events of the film happen either before or in parallel with the beginning of FF XV, so they will definitely all be referenced in the game (and hopefully some characters will show up!).

  • This movie was pretty amazing. Well if I wasnt a FF fan and didnt know anythinf about FFXV id probably agree with the reviews.

    But man it just got me hyped for the game! I just cant wait till >! We finally get that ring in game and summon those badass kings

  • Had the pleasure of checking out Kingsglaive with the Allies in LA at the meet up. It was a fun night (though I was a bit tired and perhaps nodded off a few times during the movie) So...I'm finally getting around to posting some thoughts.

    Kingsglaive was brought to us by generally the same team that created Advent Children. I had high hopes that they had learned from their experience making that movie and would craft something more coherent. But…. Not being bound to the inherent limitations of creating a fan-service 'sequel' story didn't seem to help. My expectations weren't high, but they weren't low, and thus... I was disappointed. Sad day.

    This director, Takeshi Nozue, seems to have a very poor feel for filmmaking. Both AC and Kingsglaive come across as string of shoddily stitched together independent scenes. Little care is taken to connect the audience to some of the most important elements of the world which the characters seem to care about so much, like the lands outside of Insomnia. (btw, the city is called ‘Insomnia’) ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Music is applied without much care for subtlety, and the action sequences are staged in a way that make them unintelligible. I’m sure that the plot actually does make logical sense, but I’d have to watch the movie again with my thinking cap on to be sure, which I may do.

    The fidelity of the rendering is amazing - the characters and magic effects in particular. Sure, they had to deal with some Japanese dialogue animation, but when the animation was good, it was GOOD. I’m definitely a fan of where the visual design has gone for the FFXV world. I think it’s huge improvement over FFXIII in several areas. Square-Unix still could use a LITTLE more restraint when it comes to layering detail on detail in many vehicles, props and characters. I think Nomura and his team could learn a thing or two from Yoji Shinkawa.

    As far as whether Kingsglaive successfully hyped me for the game… I’m not sure. I guess I understand why it’s had that effect on some, but really, part of me doesn’t understand. I think mostly I just walked away questioning whether the game’s narrative is going to be as jumbled as the introductory movie. At least it didn’t completely turn me off. Still looking forward to playing it.

    Really, it’s interesting to me that Square even made this movie. I’m curious to know all the motivation behind it. Did they simply think that they needed more marketing behind the game? I wonder if the plot of Kingsglaive was originally meant to be a part of the game but eventually got pushed out to do development evolution over the years. I guess it’s also possible that they created it after realizing supplementary material was needed in order to fully understand the game’s story. Not sure about that one. Projects like this are an incredible amount of work and very costly. Way too costly to have such a limited theatrical release in the US. Would love to know more about the entire situation.

  • Banned

    So its basically Batman v Superman: Jpop edition?
    Supet pretty to look at, but falls apart everywhere else?

  • @El-Shmiablo I wouldnt say that. If youre a FF fan and are hyped for FFXV its a must watch imo. If you liked advent children youll like this.

  • Real talk now (so, y'know, spoilers):

    Best-looking movie I've seen since Civil War. All of the animation looked great, I think the people who had a problem with the lip sync are looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    However, the writing is a total wash and the direction not too far behind. The individual shots are actually really pretty except for the shaky cam and too-fast action in just a few scenes. However, the scenes and shots just don't connect to each other much.

    And the writing is just... bad. Dialogue wise everyone talks dumb, referring to the protagonist as "hero" perhaps twenty different times. There are at least five different betrayals and none of them are particularly well-handled. A scene literally sees a glaive (soldier) say "I just hope we aren't walking into a trap," before they promptly walk into a trap. Anyway...

    2/5 Stars, best Assassin's Creed movie this year.

  • This movie was bad. As in, almost every aspect of it was bad, direction, visual consistency (sometimes it looked real and amazing, others it was a cheap ps3 CG), writing and voice acting (for everyone but the 3 big names).

    But goddamn I loved it. I've been hyped for FF15 since the anime (that I thought would suck 100%) surprised and hooked me. And this horrible movie got me even more into the world. I guess some of us have lower expectations for videogame cutscenes than for scenes in actual movies or something... but watching this as an introduction cinematic to the game got me Huber levels of hype.

    I'm sad that I highly doubt anything from the anime or the movie will be even mentioned in the game (as in the cool characters or quirky side stories) but for what we have so far for this "extended universe", I'm really really into it.

    PD: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS: why did they have to kill off the only Kingsglaive girl so soon? She was so cool :( I also liked Libertus until I couldn't bear his awful voice actor. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS

  • Looks like we all agree on this one :D

    @KenshoD I know, that Kingsglaive girl was my favorite character from the first half-hour of the movie, her voice acting was so much above the rest, and she looked badass. I still hope somehow they bring her back in the game, because it would be a waste.

  • Spoilers, but they very clearly wrote this protagonist so he would have no impact at all on the game. I figure the cast are all original characters made by the movie team.

  • I just watched it and for me this movie falls into the category of "bad things that I like". Some scenes were unnecessary and couple of actors were terrible and the writing was OK at best. But goddamn I enjoyed it. It was so fun to watch it and it effectively serves its purpose: To hype up the game. It worked wonders, in this case.

  • as a standalone movie it's terrible but as a 2 hour intro/primer for XV it's pretty decent

    Some of the stuff in there definitely makes me more curious about the world of FFXV and makes me wonder if it's indicative of the lore and content of the world or just stuff thrown in for fanservice

  • So I'm going to play devil's advocate here as I have heard everyone basically say the same thing, "terrible voice acting, bad story, characters aren't written well.... but oh man, FINAL FANTASY XV IS ALMOST HERE!" It's just a little confusing. Don't get me wrong, I have a strong affinity for Godzilla movies and the like, so I can understand objectively saying a movie is bad yet still enjoying it but this seems to be a different beast entirely. It's all in agreement the movie is pretty bad but that disappointment has led to being more excited for the game to come out? What am I missing here everyone? Was Kool-Aid given out at the theater?

  • @SabotageTheTruth I can only speak for myself, but the reason the movie got me hyped for the game is that, even though the movie's plot itself was bad, the overall story still sounds exciting, and the world looks pretty awesome. So the potential is there.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Objectively, this movie had many kinks, so It's impossible to just outright ignore them. I overall liked it, but I wouldn't watch it again. It was an enjoyable experience though.

  • @SabotageTheTruth The magical mcguffin and last 45 minutes were really cool, so I'm excited for that in-game. Especially since the female lead ends up with it, so maybe she'll actually get to do something in the plot.