Posters, and a Lot of Them

  • I have a poster problem. Maybe not a problem, but certainly a glut of unframed, rolled movie and comic posters.

    While I have my Army of Darkness and a UK Evil Dead 2 posters framed, many, MANY others, sit unframed and rolled.

    So, what's the rule on poster hanging? Should I just frame and cover every wall I can? Is there a point when I just need to give up and sell/give away posters? Has anyone else collected and framed all that many? Or are they considered a waste of space and resources?

  • I would just frame and preserve my favorites, and just store, or give away all the others. I always try to get rid of any clutter I don't need, but I get it would be tough to just toss them.

  • @Hero-of-Lime It's tough, mostly, because I bought a fair number of them. What's funny are the FF X-2 and FF XI posters. They were promotional and ended up in frames immediately. My wide, Copiel and Marko D. vinyl posters? Rolled and in a box. :P

  • :thinking: What a conundrum. Speaking of which, I need to frame some of my favorites before anything happens to them.

  • @Hero-of-Lime I think part of it comes down to pure wall space. The more thought I put into it, the more I realize, I live in a townhouse with a roommate, and the space is not singularly my own. sigh I think I'll just make sure they're properly stored until I can decorate a place just for me.