What games have provoked the strongest emotions from you?

  • Or as a meme would say: what games have given you feels?

    I think the king of this for me are the Mother games. Especially Mother 3, but Earthbound is no slouch at pulling your heart strings either. As far as newer games go, Undertale definitely has emotional moments in spades.

    An odd one is Kingdom Hearts, the series itself does have some emotional moments, but nothing is quite as emotional as the menu music: Dearly Beloved. The intro movies are also very good at making you feel invested before the game even begins.

  • I think The Last of Us, To The Moon, and Xenogears are the first games that spring to my mind for the feels.

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    I agree with The Last of Us.

    But also Final Fantasy IX gave me a BIG range of emotions! happiness, sorrow, hopeful and so much more!

    Zone of Enders 2! It really bonded with me emotinally! in many ways too! especially towards the end of the game where you really feel that its all or nothing, now or never! :D

  • Papers Please, there was a moment in there that resulted in the most intense emotional reaction I've ever had.

  • Thankfully, this question is vague enough to not just include endings so here's my list (for various reasons and not necessarily in order):

    The Last of Us
    Final Fantasy VII
    Gears of War 2
    Halo: Reach
    Spyro The Dragon
    Uncharted 4: A Thief's Ending
    Borderlands 2
    Portal 2

  • Mother 3 is certainly a tear jerker. Persona 3 (especially FemMC Route) and 4 both kicked my right in the feelings gland. Super Paper Mario and Fire Emblem Fates also got me good. I'm not ashamed to say the ending of Twilight Princess makes me want to cry and yell at the TV.

  • @Lotias Final Fantasy IX's ending will forever be one of the most emotional endings I've ever played.

  • FarCry 2. Anger.

  • The only two games to ever make me cry were MGS3 & MGS4. Those ending though.... Goddam it they were heart breaking to say the least.

    I'd also like to Add all my experience from Demons Souls and Dark Souls. The elicited great emotions from me that I was almost in the state of emotional breakdown. The game design, bosses and soundtrack all sunk me in so much that it was like I was entering another world as soon as I inserted the disc into my system. Truly both are masterpieces!

  • Nights into Dreams and Journey are the only two that really come to mind and I think both only hit me because they happened through gameplay.


    You take a leap of faith that looks as though you're falling to your death, before you start flying without the help of Nights for the first time. I absolutely adore flying in games and while I don't think this is the game that gave me that love it's definitely the one where that love most resonates and it hits harder than ever during that moment. It's not a feeling like the end of an emotional story would give you but rather one of pure joy.


    I know this will vary from person to person but that's just what makes it all the better. Right before the final climb up the mountain I got separated from my partner. After waiting a good five minutes or so and trying to look around, I realized they were gone and I was alone. It made that final climb where you freeze over hit harder than it probably would have normally for me, and the flying part (again, love flying) feel a lot more melancholy than it probably should of which is not a bad thing in the slightest. That final walk from there definitely had me thinking about what I'd gone through over the last few hours and whether or not my partner made it here on their own like I had.

  • Of the top of my head SoTO, Ico, MGS3&4, Nier, Journey, and every Zelda game all come to mind. Although don't have enough time to explain them on my lunch break.

  • Recently, the Souls games. (and Bloodborne)

    The frantic excitement when facing down an adversary you really have no business fighting (especially in Bloodborne, there were a few bosses where I honestly said to myself "I really don't think I was supposed to fight this guy yet") , the anguish when you die and die and die and die and... you know, and the sheer joy when you FINALLY get that kill.

  • Twilight Princess has a lot of great beats and emotional manipulation, but it's just a well-executed hero's journey in the end.

    The games that have evoked the strongest emotions within me would have to be The Last of Us and Journey, for obvious reasons.

  • A game called Clannad.

  • metal gear solid 3 and 4 when otacon speech to sunny always gets me

  • Fragile Dreams! i know i bring this game up a lot but its a really emotional game

  • Every once in a while a game will get to me, but Life is Strange and Red Dead Redemption are the ones that really stuck with me. I would say more but I feel I can't without bring up spoilers.

  • Good ending for Bioshock

    All he wanted was a family, and he got it. His life was so screwed up but it turned out alright.

    Mafia II ending

    What happened to Joe :tired_face:

  • Max Payne 2 and MGS3. Found the ending to both quite emotional.

  • @Carmichael How did I forget those feels? Thanks for reminding me going to go play that again.