PS4 pro controllers

  • Hi fellow allies!
    I like the new dual shock, but I do not love it. My main problems are the analog sticks and the overall slippery surface (yeah, I got sweaty-palm-syndrom).
    I have been looking at reviews for scuf-controllers and while some are really good, most of the reviews tell of poor build quality and bad service. When the price easily gets over 150$ I want some confirmation before purchase.
    Do any of you got scuf or something similar? What`s your experience?

    Love and respect, Fredde (Norway)

  • Also interested in scuf. I'm on my launch PS4 controller right now (don't even have my PS4 anymore) and frankly it's been falling apart since I got it. If I hadn't relegated my use to the dpad my analog sticks would have lost all their rubber by now, as the sticks are really low quality.

  • Mod your controller

  • admin

    Can't you just replace the sticks? That should be a lot cheaper.

  • I'd be willing to purchase a pro controller if Sony made it themselves like MS has been doing. Been gaming since the Genesis era, so I have an aversion for third party controllers.

  • Modding might be a good choice. Have not looked into the posibility of replacing the sticks, is it even possible?
    I really dont like third party either, but sony is giving me no choice. I bought a couple third party for the Xbox in it`s glory days (before the small controllers), but those were even worse.

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    You can buy replacement covers from lots of places, like Amazon, or you can get all new sticks.

    And Polygon has a great guide on how to install them.

  • I disagree. Dualshock 4 is an amazing controller but I have to add but I love the dualshock 3 more than dualshock 4.

  • It would be really cool if Sony made their own "elite controller." I have the Xbox Elite controller and it I seriously the nicest controller I've ever used. The best part is that it's a first party controller. I would hate having to go third party to buy something that is supposed to be nicer. I've done that before and it didn't go well.