EZA Gaming/Tournament PSA

  • After the success and hilarity of Power Stone tournament stream, I think this game might be worth looking into. Combat Core.


    Local and online multiplayer, it has the potentional to be another big tournament thing like Hearthstone. Power Stone is fun, but it doesn't exactly work as a play with the Allies kind of thing.

  • I do not know the game in the OP, but this seems like a good thread to suggest titles for future EZA INTRAMURAL TOURNAMENTS.

    I never owned Mario Party 5, but rented it a lot - and I recall this mode being incredibly fun, and allowed for a lot of creativity.


    Someone might need to do some tests on how it would work best for a tournament, if at all, and unlock everything as its been forever since I actually played the mode.

  • Destiny just added private matches and a lot of cool tools to customize game types so that seems like a natural choice. Could be fun to break into teams, form some uneasy alliances

  • Do we have a eza clan on bungie.net if so we all need join so the UI catell us other allies are playing and we could garner more community there

  • @Lianard yep there's a clan up. Huber made it I believe. There's a good amount of people too.


    This game is a really fun party game and I was so bummed when it was up for their Tuesday game and I think BattleBorn won :/

  • I know folks are divided on it, but I adore Nintendo Land! There are so many minigames that would be fun, like Mario Chase or Luigi's Mansion.

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