REQUEST/PETITION: The Final Bosman - 2016 PlayStation Meeting Do's and Don'ts on EZA

  • Since the creation of the Easy Allies, Kyle Bosman has been posting (irregularly) ''Bosman at Home'' on his personal channel. That show serves as a replacement for ''The Final Bosman'' and, in my opinion, is excellent. However, I miss getting new episodes every week, and that show only helps EZA in a limited manner considering it's not on the channel. Also, the name simply isn't as good. However, a few months go, an opportunity to make things right presented itself.

    IGN bought the GameTrailers YouTube channel and has been updating it with new trailers while also archiving the content created by the GT staff. Because of that acquisition, Jones said that EZA now has "friends" at IGN and Bloodworth talked about the possibility of getting old show names back like Huber Hype, BackTrack or The Final Bosman.

    And now, as if the stars have aligned, Sony is having a new PlayStation Meeting on September 7th. The 2013 PlayStation Meeting was significant not only because it brought us the PS4 but also because it allowed Gametrailers to introduce a great new show to its lineup: The Final Bosman (honestly, to me the two are just as important). The show was very well received by viewers and was a great success for everyone involved which led to it becoming a weekly show.

    I think the 2016 PlayStation Meeting is a great opportunity to bring this show back, on EZA. Having the self-proclaimed Press Conference expert Kyle Bosman making a list of do's and don'ts for that event, followed by an episode with his takeaways from the event which would then lead to the return of weekly episodes, all under the name "The Final Bosman" would not only make your fans happy, it would greatly help your Patreon. The Final Bosman was very popular and Bosman at Home as been getting a lot of views (more than the other shows on EZA). Also, people just love Kyle Bosman. People love the way he hosts the podcasts and he's probably much more well-known than any other member of the Allies. The fact that the episode of Talking Syndrome, a show that serves to complement another show, that has Kyle Bosman on the thumbnail has more views than any other episode of Talking Syndrome but also any real episode of Huber Syndrome except for the Pilot and E3-related episodes is proof that Kyle Bosman will attract views. Having The Final Bosman make a comeback will help you guys greatly when it comes to reaching your goal of getting an office.

    So there you have it, I want The Final Bosman to come back as a weekly show on EZA and I think that would help you guys a lot. I see no reason not to do this. If you want this, please say so here, talk about it on the Patreon feed, tweet it at them, comment about it on YouTube, do whatever you can to help this show make the comeback it deserves to make.

  • I love Bosman at Home. Much more than Do's and Don'ts or the First Fifteen, even (which is really just proto-Dumb Game Monday). Moreover, the episodes are much more consistent in quality than much of The Final Bosman's run. I'm very sympathetic to the fact that writing an editorial each week—coming up with something to have an opinion on, then formatting that opinion into a well-structured argument or discussion—is a very difficult and draining thing to do.

    That being said, I don't get why it's not on EZA's youtube, unless it's an issue of Kyle's independence or a stopgap until the rights to "The Final Bosman" are locked in, so to speak, with IGN.

    So, tl;dr: Yes, Bosman is at Home on EZA, No, weekly deadlines will not work out to more excellent Final Bosman episodes.

  • It's Bosman that doesn't want Bosman at Home on EZA. He also isn't obligated to rush an episode on a weekly basis because he's not a part of Gametrailers. It's his own thing now.

    He also wants Bosman at Home to be unaffiliated with EZA so he can say a lot of controversial things without EZA being involved.
    Since Bosman at Home is his personal show, he was able to do stuff like talk smack about Miyamoto.

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    I am/was a huge fan of The Final Bosman. I would love for it to come back to life (especially on EZA). However, we also know that Kyle doesn't like to rush things and make episodes just cause "he has too" won't really benefit anyone, especially since quantity over quality is always "meh" and feels cheap.

    I have really enjoyed Bosman at home so far, its a bit laid back and easy watch. There are no rush and it just makes me feel happy when I see that a new episode is up.

    Maybe its possible to meet somewhere halfway? Get the name back, but let Kyle make it when ever... or like once a fortnight or per month?

    I do miss some of the episodes, like the dance moves and mr. mimes.

  • @Lotias pay Bosman a million dollars a month

  • @Whoaness slides Bosman a blank check
    do it

  • I might be wrong, but I get the impression that Kyle is just way too critical of himself and his work. Maybe he isn't confident enough that he could reliably produce regular episodes at a level of quality where he feels he deserves the Patreon money.

  • I'm locking this topic and have added a new rule to the charter on this.

    We don't want the forums to be used to get attention and ask the allies to stream certain games or do certain shows. As is, the guys are extremely busy and are constantly being asked to do something on twitch chat or elsewhere.